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Reasons Why You Need a Qualified Plumber | Cleburne, TX

Reasons Why You Need a Qualified Plumber | Cleburne, TX

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A plumbing disaster such as a burst pipe or a clogged or overflowing toilet can cause panic at home or even at a commercial enterprise. Such an occurrence necessitates you to call a plumbing technician to fix everything and restore your property to normalcy.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is your trusted plumbing technician in town. We repair, service and repair everything that relates to plumbing work.

Our Services

Our services include gas or water pipes, central heating systems, fixtures and waste systems such as toilets and sewers. We also work on your drains, sinks, bathtubs and much more.

Preventive Maintenance

You’ll need a plumbing technician for the general maintenance of plumbing equipment. It is essential to have a routine maintenance program in place. A licensed plumber inspects and services your equipment once in a while.

Our qualified plumbing technician will examine your system by use of the latest technology without necessarily digging whole sections. If a problem is detected, they might recommend repair or replacement.

The advantage of service is that it protects your equipment from damage, protects the manufacturer’s warranty and prolongs its lifespan. It will save you on future costs of replacements and the need to call a plumber every time there’s an emergency. As you may expect, during emergencies, plumbers may charge you more and that why it’s essential to have one on standby.

Emergency Response

Plumbing tragedies can strike anytime more so when least expected. It is for this reason you need a reliable plumber who will respond on short notice. Some emergencies including, fixing or replacing a leaking or broken gas and water pipe, boilers, water heaters, showers, sinks and dishwashers.

Dry taps on your property need a plumbing technician to identify the cause of the problem. It could be a sign of a bigger problem, and thus you should treat it as an emergency. During winter, pipes may freeze, and water may not reach the taps.

Similarly, a broken pipe could lead to loss of water, and therefore you need to call a plumber as this may hike your utility bills. It could be a structural issue that may damage your home’s foundation and as a result, accrue higher bills.

There are a few instances where your heater may not warm the water. It could be due to a problem with the parts or pressure. If it is taking longer to heat water, you need qualified personnel to troubleshoot the problem. A professional in Cleburne, TX, will inspect the tank, the beaker and cause of fluctuations. They will also check the igniters, thermostats, heating elements and much more.

A sweating heater could mean there are cracks in the tanks, which are serious risks. If you note rust on the pipes and lots of water in its drip pan, then you need to call a licensed engineer right away. They will inspect any electrical problem or a gas leak. Most often, experts may recommend repair or replacement, depending on the extent of the problem.

If water flowing from the tank has low pressure, you may need a professional to have a look at the interior plumbing. It could be a problem with the aerator or simply sediment. A clog in your drain, tubs, toilets and other pipes requires a plumbing technician who will come with special equipment to unclog. Overflowing toilets need a plumber to clear the blockage.


Changing a kitchen tap or reading a water meter is a simple task you can DIY without the need to call a plumbing technician. However, some jobs are complicated and require an expert’s hand. An attempt to do a DIY could prove costly and may damage your property. You can engage professionals such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to do a neat job and offer expert advice.

Also, your plumbing equipment, such as the water supply line could be connected to the mains supply system. In some areas, there are regulations, and failure to comply could see you on the wrong side of the law. A plumbing technician has the expertise and many years’ experience to fix any problem faster than you would. They also have the tools and skills to do the job.

A plumbing technician will offer you expert and honest opinion on the status of your plumbing system. They may recommend service, repair or replacement. One last, you can always call them to recheck the work if you feel there is some area that needs attention.

Why Choose Us?

Without a doubt, there are many plumbing technicians, but choosing the right one can be an uphill task. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is your most reliable plumbers with many years’ experience serving customers in Cleburne, TX.

Quick Service

Once you have decided it is us, you can book an appointment, and our qualified plumber will respond immediately. We understand the nature of your emergency, and that’s why we have a response team on the ground. We do not keep you waiting, and once we get to your property, we offer a temporary solution to minimize any interruptions and proceed to fix the problem. Our staff are dedicated to serving customers needs and arrive on time without delay

World-Class Customer Service

Our personnel in Cleburne, TX, are trained to handle any request or complaint from our esteemed customers. Before fixing the problem, we gather any crucial information such as models of your equipment, replacement parts and much more.

Our staff pay attention to and understand the customer’s problem. We ensure you are comfortable and recommend solutions. Communication skills prevent any misunderstanding and potential conflicts.

Qualified Personnel

Our plumbing technician are licensed, trained and certified. It gives you the confidence that you are dealing with technicians who have skills and are knowledgeable to handle any plumbing problem. They also have experience in handling major plumbing works in Cleburne, TX. Our technicians not only use their investigative mind to find solutions to your problem, but also take time to understand your entire plumbing system.

They possess problem-solving skills, which enable them to assess the problem and give an instant solution. The safety of our staff comes first. Emergencies can occur when carrying out plumbing work. That’ is why they are insured against any risk while out in the field.

Whenever you have a plumbing emergency or routine maintenance, don’t hesitate to call our office and make a booking. Our experts at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will respond promptly to your needs.