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Most of the things in our lives that we rely upon require some form of maintenance. Plumbing is no different and the benefits of regular plumbing maintenance are significant. When you use a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington you receive the services you need by licensed professional plumbers. You may be wondering just what the benefits are of plumbing maintenance that provides inspection and maintenance on a routine basis. Let’s look at the benefits in the following.

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  • The first thing any plumbing system is going to benefit from with routine maintenance and inspection is increased efficiency. Drains should empty quickly. When you see them slowing down it generally means a clog is forming somewhere in the plumbing system. When a plumber provides routine maintenance the system will be checked for clogs and removed. This keeps the drain flowing freely, and may help all of the drains in the home drain better when maintenance is provided by a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington.
  • By identifying the clog early, you don’t have to deal with a drain that grows slower to drain over time. It also prevents the possibility of the clog causing the drain to burst, a repair that would cost you more money in the long run than routine inspections and maintenance. Ultimately, routine inspection and maintenance by a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington helps to extend the life of the plumbing system.
  • Routine maintenance can prevent larger problems from developing by catching them early. Plumbing issues have a tendency to grow until they cause the need for repair. When you address them early on, big problems and most repairs, are prevented. In the long run, this can also prevent catastrophic damage to your home from leaks.

How often a plumbing check-up is needed will really depend upon your home, such as whether any occupants tend to put things down the drain that shouldn’t be. As a general guide, inspection and maintenance by a licensed plumber in Arlington should be performed annually. Some homeowners prefer bi-annual inspections and if your drains are quick to slow down on their job it isn’t a bad idea.

Drains aren’t the only plumbing item inspected and maintained during your plumbing tune-up by a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington. The hot water heater will be inspected, enabling it to maintain peak energy efficiency and performance. This will go a long way in extending its service life with a full routine flush of damaging sediment if needed.

Faucets and shower fixtures will also be inspected for wear and corrosion. Flow will be checked, so if any of your water supply lines are clogging from mineral build-up it can be addressed before you find you don’t have water supplied at the fixture.

Many homeowners have their pipes routinely inspected, especially those with metal pipes that are aging. Pipes aren’t something we think of a lot until there is a problem. Metal pipes corrode over time, and when they leak, the damage to the home can be catastrophic.

No small number of homeowners have come home to a flooded house and enormous costs of repair.

Most home plumbing materials are manufactured from plastic, synthetics or metal. Of these metal is the most susceptible to corrosion. Rust is probably the most common form of corrosion to effect metal pipes. Rust is an electrochemical oxidation of the metal in reaction to the oxygen within air. Add to this equation water with a great deal of mineral such as is present with hard water, or any water with that is acidic and corrosion can occur more rapidly. Corrosion of pipes will result in repairs and eventually the need for replacement by a plumber in Arlington.

Another problem that plumbing maintenance will keep at bay has to do with drain vents. Drains require ventilation to function properly. A simple analogy to understanding this is to compare a gas can that has a ventilation cap vs one that does not. Most of today’s gas cans are plastic and have only the spout where gas enters and exits. If you have ever tried to pour gas into a lawnmower with one of these typical gas cans you know it takes forever. The old style gas cans had a separate cap that could be removed when you filled your mower. It provided ventilation and allowed the gas to flow easily out of the gas can. It is the same principal with plumbing. Drains without ventilation will function but not as well as those that are ventilated. Plumbing ventilation serves more than this purpose though. It assist in preventing sewage gases from entering into your home, requiring the services of a plumber in Arlington.

Ventilation pipes can experience wear and tear like anything else and they can get clogs which will prevent the system from working. This occurs due to the lack of ventilation creating a negative pressure on drains. Slow drains and the build-up of sewage gases in the home are the result. Open vents on the roof are an opening for insects like wasps or small rodents to enter, where nests can block the flow of a ventilation pipe creating issues with plumbing and sewer gases. A complete plumbing checkup by a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington will ensure ventilation is adequate and identify any problems.

When you need a plumbers services, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing will provide you with a prompt plumber in Arlington or the Fort Worth region. We offer experienced licensed plumbers for full plumbing services, and are a member of the BBB. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing stands behind its 100% satisfaction guarantee.