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Repairing Gas Lines in Fort Worth

Repairing Gas Lines in Fort Worth

Appliances that have not been professionally installed pose the threat of having a gas leak. Gases are highly combustible and not something to take lightly. A large leak in your home could lead to fire or an explosion if any spark occurs.

The explosion in case of a gas leak can be triggered by the mere switching on of a T.V. This is the kind of risk a gas leak poses on the residents of a place. A leak can be toxic to inhale and any kind of exposure to hazardous gases such as the natural gas can cause headaches or nausea.

Natural gas is completely safe to use at home. However an important prerequisite for that to happen is that everything should be in order. If appliances have not been installed efficiently or if there is faulty gas piping a leak can occur.

If the smell of gas in your surrounding is strong or the symptoms of a gas leak are visibly present, do not ignore. In cases where the leak can be visibly felt the decision to even switch off your lights can prove to be disastrous. Therefore when the gas leak is strong and you fell ill even by smelling it, it is advised to leave everything as it is and to move somewhere safe.

Move to a friend’s or a relative’s far from the property and call 911 immediately.

If the smell, signs and symptoms of the leak are not as explicit as in the previous case, make it a point to walk calmly through your house and close any open windows and doors. This will not allow the gas to spread in one location and will prevent it from building up in your home.

In such cases you are recommended to turn off your lights and then leave for somewhere safer.

These precautionary measures are necessary in an emergency of a gas leak. However, moving somewhere safer will not guarantee that the problem has been looked after. Repairing Gas lines is the only solution in case of constant suspicion of gas leaks.

However before you take this important decision you must be aware of the procedure and the potential challenges that might come your way if you plan on repairing Gas lines in Fort Worth.


The whole operation of repairing your gas line in Fort Worth will be carried out by professionals. The process is long depending upon the source of leak. If the gas leak occurs due to a single appliance then repairing gas line will not be long.

But there have been instances where gas lines running to a house needed repair. This can be much more laborious and costly.  We will tell you why

The process of repairing Gas lines in Fort Worth starts off with the simple step of turning off the gas

  • Working with gas and electric appliances can be extremely dangerous, i.e. why before starting off it should be ensured that the gas line is turned off.
  • After turning off the gas, the second step in repairing gas lines in Fort Worth is the removal of outer covers. Outer covers can be found in all gas lines and they are made up of plastic. To expose the gas pipes beneath these covers need to be removed.
  • For repairing gas lines in Fort Worth it is important to understand that gas lines leak occur due to high pressure inside the pipe lines. Since high pressure plays an integral role in a leak the next step should be to remove the low pressure gas line from the gas regulator.
  • Once the gas lines have been detached and residue gas has been removed using wrenches. The next step is to clean the line. Acetone has the ability to clean high pressure lines from any impurity.
  • Scuffing the surface is often ignored while cleaning the gas line. Scuffing the gas pipeline with sandpaper evens the surface making it easier to clean the gas pipeline.
  • Leaks can also occur when gas pipelines are attached too tightly. Therefore when re attaching a gas pipeline ensure that you fit it loosely. Using rubber tape around the leak ensures that the leak is well secured. Additionally ensure that the angle is right and the chance of high pressure gas interfering with low pressure gas is minimal.
  • To avoid any further chances of a leak apply epoxy on the gas line. Once applied, leave it in for it to cure and hold firmly.
  • The epoxy applied is left overnight, the next morning high pressure gas lines are re tightened. To ensure that the repair process was successful, test the quality of the repairs by running a test to check for leaks.
  • If the results of the proposed test are positive and there is no sign of gas leakage in the line then the gas line has been repaired and is now fit to be used

Repairing gas lines in Fort Worth can be a challenging task. Residents of a building or a house have to be relocated to a different location for the entire duration of the procedure. Those who have had their gas lines repaired in Fort Worth know how difficult it is to relocate an entire family to a different location.

The repairing of gas lines in Fort Worth can also be costly. However, in view of the risks attached to a gas line leak this is the kind of costs which cannot be foregone.

If you feel that there is a gas line leak or a leak in your kitchen appliances then consider repairing gas lines in Fort Worth.

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