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Replacing a Toilet | Plumbing Arlington

Replacing a Toilet | Plumbing Arlington

Replacing a Toilet | Plumbing Arlington

Replacing a toilet may provide the best solution for toilet troubles, though it isn’t necessarily the only solution for a troublesome toilet. However, if you intend to update the bathroom plumbing in Arlington with a bath remodel, replace the worn toilet.

No one can deny that the toilet is likely the most used fixture in your plumbing in Arlington. The decision between repair and replacement should be guided by weighing the factors and benefits between the two. If only a few repairs are required, there is no gain in replacing a toilet simply in need of maintenance repairs.

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Taking examine the more common toilet problems can assist in the homeowner’s decision to repair or replace:

  • Numerous repairs – Replacing the worn and corroded parts within a toilet tank requires numerous parts. If the following apply and you’re going to replace the toilet soon, save the money of repair and apply it to a new toilet. Not all toilets were built to last, if the toilet is constantly giving trouble and in need of repair – replace it.
  • Constant toilet clogs – Numerous older low flush toilets often require more than one flush. These first attempts in water conservation are plagued with blockages requiring frequent plunging, as well as frequent service to this portion of your plumbing in Arlington. If you are plunging more than once a week, replace the toilet. You will still save on water, and with today’s improved technology, low flush toilets have improved since that time flushing with greater power and less water.
  • Cracked Porcelain – Hairline cracks can develop in the tank or bowl and have the risk of leaking. Leaky toilets are capable of home damaging slow leaks or could separate at any time flooding your bathroom and risking severe damage to the home. Inspect the bowl and tank for cracks when cleaning it. If a crack is present, prompt replacement can prevent damage to the home if it breaks completely. A cracked toilet lives on borrowed time, replacement will be necessary.
  • Difficult to Clean – Over time cleaning, scrubbing and chemicals will result in scratched porcelain, making it difficult to clean and requiring excessively frequent cleaning. If your cleaning routine involves excessive elbow grease on the toilet, increasing time and nasty chemicals – replace the toilet.
  • Remodeling – If the toilet is difficult to clean or requires frequent repair and a bathroom remodel is planned soon, include a new toilet even if you won’t be updating other plumbing in Arlington.
  • Water and Wallet Conservation – A low flow toilet can save up to 50% on the water bill each month. There remain numerous older toilets using 3 – 5 gallons per flush across the nation, and those homes can benefit greatly with replacement. Modern toilets use less than 2 gallons to flush, saving substantially on water and cost. It’s good for the environment, the wallet, and if your home has a septic tank, it will benefit with less water entering the system.

A toilet that suddenly develops a problem with repetitive clogs may have a lodged object in the toilet or drain line. Have a plumber check the toilet and drain line to ensure a lodged object isn’t the source of frequent clogs. Removal of objects can provide a resolution of the problem with frequent clogs in the toilets plumbing in Arlington.

Toilet installation requires concise installation and should be left to a professional plumber. Improper installation can result in a moving toilet, leaks or breakage. Benjamin Franklin plumbers will provide a professional and trouble free toilet installation. Whether replacing a troublesome toilet, or upgrading the fixtures and other plumbing in Arlington, our plumbers bring the expertise we require in our plumbers. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas.