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Replacing a Water Main | Plumbers Arlington Texas

Replacing a Water Main | Plumbers Arlington Texas

Replacing a Water Main | Plumbers Arlington,

When your home is repiped, the pipes in
the home are replaced. Water main replacement is the replacement of the pipe that
delivers water from the meter to the home. You may be wondering why you would replace
the water main from the meter to the house. Typically, it is due to the age of
the pipe, and it may be experiencing frequent leaks due to its condition. For
example, if you live in an older home, it may have 70’s galvanized piping. When
you have galvanized pipe supplying your home, eventually you will be replacing a water main. Benjamin
Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas can
provide the professional installation you need.

Galvanized pipe is an outdated pipe,
known for corroding, providing contaminated water, and failing. If your home
has galvanized pipe, or as a water main, consider replacing it.

Water Main Replacement
in Arlington

Replacing a water
can be a huge task. That’s why you should select a plumbing company that has the training,
experience, and expertise to provide an efficient and professional job. Benjamin
Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington,
provide high quality and reliable water main replacement.

You may have already suspected a leak is
present somewhere, and you have inspected your home thoroughly and haven’t
found any leaks, or leaking appliances. The following are some of the signs that
may indicate a potential leak in the water main.

·      An unexplained increase in the water bill

·      Wet areas of the lawn, or standing water

·      Uneven areas of the lawn

·      A reduction in water pressure

·      Luxurious, green grass in limited areas

Water Meter Test

The water meter test can assist you in
verifying the presence of a leak. Provide the water meter test when you are
home alone to ensure no water is used. Shut off all automatic users of water,
such as the icemaker and sprinklers. Open the cover on the water meter and
check the dial. If it is spinning with no water being use, there is definitely
a leak. Otherwise, write down the readout on the meter and recheck in one hour.
Compare the two, if the numbers have changed you have a leak.

If a leak is indicated and you have a
shut-off valve next to your home’s foundation, turn off the water in that
location. Now, provide the water test again. If the meter indicates water has
been used, the leak is in the water main
between the meter and the home. Contact our plumbers in Arlington, Texas for water line repair.

Water Line

In the past, water line replacements
involved excavating a trench in your yard to access and remove the water line,
and replace it. While that technique is still used in certain situations, the most
will qualify for trenchless techniques that leave your lawn intact. Benjamin
Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas specialize
in trenchless pipe repair and water line replacement.

For qualifying pipe, our plumbers in Arlington, Texas specialize
in the use of pipe bursting. Pipe
bursting uses a bursting head to break up the existing pipe and push aside into
the surrounding soil. While the bursting head breaks the pipe up, new pipe is
pulled into place. Your water service line is replaced with new pipe, while the
lawn remains intact. Furthermore, trenchless pipe replacement only takes a
fraction of the time of the trenching method.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers licensed plumbers with the expertise to
ensure professional plumbing for
your home or business. When you are facing replacing
a water main
, contact the plumbers in
Arlington, Texas
that you can rely on for a first quality job. Your
satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the
surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.