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Residential Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

Residential Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

Residential Gas Line Services | Gas Line Repair Fort Worth

Gas Line Repair

Gas line repair in Fort Worth isn’t a job that can be put off until later. Due to the risk of explosion and asphyxiation, it is imperative that gas line repair is promptly provided by a licensed professional plumber, certified to provide residential gas line services.

A gas leak may have the sulfur like odor of rotten eggs or garlic. Gas in its natural state lacks any odor, and scent is added to enable its presence to be detected.

gas line repair fort worth

Do not attempt gas line repair in Fort Worth yourself. Leave gas line repair in Fort Worth to a licensed, gas certified Fort Worth plumber, who has the expertise to provide a professional and safe repair. Once the repair is complete, the plumber has the equipment for testing to ensure the leak is repaired. Use the following safety guide in the event of a gas leak:

  • If you smell gas, or detect other signs of a gas leak, leave the home immediately. If other occupants are in your, home ensure they are also evacuated immediately.
  • Do not attempt to locate a gas leak, leave the home.
  • Do not turn appliances or lights on or off.
  • Do not smoke or use any open flame.
  • Do not use the telephone or the cell phone. Wait until you are a safe distance from your home to call 911. Next, call your gas supplier to shut the gas off.
  • Even a slow leak can be dangerous, its best to call for prompt repair.
  • If you damage a gas line while digging outside call the gas supplier immediately. Do not attempt to repair the line. Call ahead of planned digging for marking of gas lines.
  • Homes using any gas appliance should always utilize carbon monoxide detectors with a minimum of one on each floor. Don’t forget to test the battery often, a convenient time is when you test the battery of your smoke detectors.

Gas line repair in Fort Worth should only be provided by a certified and licensed professional plumber. Your senses of sight, smell and hearing can alert you to the presence of a gas leak.

Signs you may note are:

  • A loose or damaged connection to a gas appliance
  • Dead or dying vegetation (when other vegetation is green and healthy) near gas pipeline or the gas meter
  • The blowing of dirt or water into the air. Bubbling of water, a mist, fog or cloud over or near the area of a leak.
  • Exposed gas pipeline after an earthquake, flood or other disaster
  • Soil or water blowing up into the air
  • The sound of hissing, whistling or roaring near a gas line, meter or appliance
  • The odor of gas

It is important to note that other odors may mask the smell of gas, such as cooking or chemical odors. The odor of a buried gas leak may be lessened by the soil itself.

Remember, if you have a gas leak, call 911 first, then your gas provider to have the gas shut off, and then call a licensed plumber to provide gas line repair in Fort Worth.

Gas Line Installation

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s qualified professional plumbers provide gas line installation for all of your residential needs. This includes gas hookups for BBQ grills, cooktops, clothes dryers, fireplaces, stoves and gas water heaters to name a few.

For professional gas line repair in Fort Worth contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Our gas certified licensed plumbers will provide gas line repair, provide gas hook-ups and the gas repiping that you need for your home. Thanks for visiting Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. We serve the Fort Worth and Arlington areas.