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Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System | Arlington

Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System | Arlington

Reverse Osmosis | Water Filtration System Arlington

Reverse osmosis systems have been in use for years to desalinate seawater, or brackish water into safe drinking water. A number of U.S. cities now utilize the process to provide potable water, for wastewater treatment, and for recycling water. With drought conditions growing in parts of the U.S., it is expected these numbers will grow, especially in coastal cities.

Water Filtration System Arlington

Reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove contaminants, and it is an extremely effective process. If you’re concerned about your water and have been considering the installation of a water filtration system in Arlington, contact the water filtration specialists of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

The Process of Filtration

Reverse osmosis utilizes the incoming water pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane, leaving the impurities and contaminates that are unable to pass through the membrane, behind. This leaves clean water to be dispensed at the tap. The impurities and contaminants are expelled from the system.

Contaminants Removed

There are a large number of impurities removed by reverse osmosis, including common contaminates, heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and viruses and many more. Reverse osmosis system will remove particles that are larger than .001 microns. For a full list refer to the specific system you are considering. The systems are basically similar, regardless of the brand with a significant difference, not all systems utilize the quality of a Benjamin Franklin system, especially in the membranes and filters. When you purchase a water filtration system in Arlington from Benjamin Franklin, you are assured of receiving a first quality system through and through.

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

A reverse osmosis system provides the following benefits:

  • Water that is 99% pure
  • Improved taste
  • Removes odors
  • Improved appearance with crystal clear water
  • Discards captured impurities on its own

Reverse Osmosis and Carbon Filtration

Depending on the brand and model purchased, a water filtration system will vary in the contaminants it will remove. Systems often process water through a number of stages, and filters, often including a variety of charcoal filtration and reverse osmosis for an exceedingly effective water filtration system in Arlington.

The two water filtration systems of carbon and reverse osmosis work extremely well together. For example, a carbon filter is able to remove chlorine, and incapable of removing heavy metals. A reverse osmosis system takes over where carbon filtration leaves off, and removes the majority of other contaminants left behind by carbon filtration. However, the reverse osmosis system relies upon the carbon filter to remove chlorine, which will damage its membrane. When combined, the two systems complement each other, and provide an effective water filtration system in Arlington.


A disadvantage is the system will waste water in its filtration process. Furthermore, a water softener is required to remove the dissolved minerals from hard water. However, even with its few disadvantages, a reverse osmosis system is exceedingly effective, surpassing almost all other systems available, especially when combined with charcoal filtration.

If you have made the decision to purchase a water filtration system in Arlington, the first step is to request a water quality report from your water supplier, or have the water tested yourself, especially if you have well water. Once any contaminants are identified, you can then select the water filtration system in Arlington needed to correct your specific water quality issues.

A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing water filtration specialist can provide the assistance you need in selecting a water filtration system in Arlington based upon your budget and water analysis.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services. In addition to the installation of a reverse osmosis or other water filtration system in Arlington, our professional licensed plumbers can provide you with a wide variety of plumbing services in Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating. Contact us today for further information or to schedule service.