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Reverse Osmosis | Water Filtration System Arlington, Texas

Reverse Osmosis | Water Filtration System Arlington, Texas

Reverse osmosis systems have long been in use for desalinating seawater, or brackish water into safe drinking water. Since then, its uses have expanded to use by municipalities, and wastewater treatment. Reverse osmosis utilizes a semi-permeable membrane to effectively remove the majority of contaminants from water. When you have concerns about your water, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for information and/or to schedule installation of a water filtration system in Arlington, Texas.

The Process of Filtration

In a reverse osmosis system, the incoming water pressure forces water through the system’s semipermeable membrane. As water passes through the membrane, impurities of a certain size are left behind to be expelled, providing water that is 99% free of contaminants.

Contaminants Removed

Reverse osmosis removes particles larger than .001 microns, which contain a large number of contaminants, including heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria and viruses and many more. For specific information, refer to the system you are considering for a full list.  Benjamin Franklin reverse osmosis systems is pure quality, and uses the best membranes and filters available. The high quality is why so many homeowner’s purchase their filters and membranes from Ben Franklin. When you choose our system for installation, you can rely on receiving a top quality water filtration system in Arlington, Texas in all aspects.

The Benefits

The reverse osmosis system provides the following benefits:

  • Water that is 99% free of contaminants
  • Great tasting water
  • Removes odors
  • Crystal clear water
  • Discards captured impurities on its own

Reverse Osmosis and Carbon Filtration

Water filtration systems offer versatility in the contaminants they remove; enabling you to buy a filtration system that removes the impurities in your water, without paying for a higher cost system you do not need. The systems typically process water through a number of stages, and filters, with some systems using a variety of charcoal filters and reverse osmosis membranes for a superior and extremely effective water filtration system in Arlington, Texas.

In a combined system where carbon filtration and reverse osmosis work together, you receive the best water possible. Carbon filtration removes what reverse osmosis cannot, and vice versa. For example, carbon filtration removes chlorine used in water treatment, and reverse osmosis removes heavy metals. However, a reverse osmosis system requires water to be pretreated by carbon filtration to remove chlorine, this is because chlorine will damage the reverse osmosis membrane.

Water quality is essential to maintain your health, as contaminated water can affect your health. A water filtration system in Arlington, Texas can eliminate the risks to your health, providing clean, safe water for your home. Carbon filtration and reverse osmosis complement each other, and provide an exceedingly effective water filtration system in Arlington, Texas.

Environmentally Friendly

A water filtration system in Arlington, Texas enables you to use a refillable bottle and your own filtered water. This offers the advantage of not only saving money, but also the peace of mind in knowing the water you drink has been filtered. In addition, by using a refillable bottle, it reduces plastic going into the landfill.

Removes Odors

The majority of water suppliers treats water with chlorine, and no one likes the flavor, or the odor. Water can also have odors and taste from other substances.  Water filtration removes the unpleasant odors and bad taste, leaving clean, safe and sparkling clear water for your use.

Reduced Cancer Risks

Unfiltered water may carry a higher risk of causing colon, bladder, and rectal cancers. Installing a water filtration system in Arlington, Texas can provide safe water for your family.


The reverse osmosis system discharges the contaminants removed, and in the process water is discharged with it. The carbon filtration system does not discharge contaminants, but it also is unable to remove heavy metals, bacteria or viruses to name a few. One substance the reverse osmosis system cannot remove is dissolved minerals. It will remove larger mineral particles, but those which are dissolved can only be removed with a water softening system. All three water treatments can be combined, and is called a water conditioning system.

Getting Started

If you plan to purchase a water filtration system in Arlington, Texas the first step is to have your water tested. You will receive a water quality report identifying any contaminates. The water quality report provides the guide for selecting a water filtration system in Arlington to correct your water quality issues.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington, Texas are water filtration specialists. Our plumbers will be glad to assist you in the selection of a water filtration system in Arlington, Texas based upon your budget and water analysis report.

In addition to the installation of a water filtration system in Arlington, Texas in your home, our licensed plumbers offer a broad range of plumbing services in Arlington,  Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers reliable water filtration installation, maintenance, and repair of your home’s water filtration system. We are a member of the BBB with a consistent A+ rating. Contact us today for further information or to schedule a plumbing service.