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Reverse Osmosis Water Purification vs. Traditional Water Filtration Systems | Arlington, TX Plumbing

Reverse Osmosis Water Purification vs. Traditional Water Filtration Systems | Arlington, TX Plumbing

At Benjamin Franklin plumbing, we give our customers the widest choice of water filtration system in Arlington, TX. However, many of our customers come to us with little or no knowledge of why each system is different from the other. They are often concerned with the cost, but choosing the wrong filtration system may actually cost more in the long run. This is because these systems don’t completely eliminate all the contaminants. And if water in your home or establishment is highly contaminated, an average water filtration system will give up earlier than a good water filtration system.

That brings us to the question we are here to answer today: is reverse osmosis really a water filtration system better than others? The answer to this question may be the key to finding the perfect system for your home or office.

So, let us first begin with what Reverse Osmosis technology is and why it is different from a typical filtration system.

What is Reverse Osmosis Technology?

Reverse Osmosis is basically a purification process developed in the 70s primarily for large scale water desalination in areas such as Cape Coral. It was the time the population in the coastal areas of the US was on the rise and the need to desalinate and purify drinking water for the masses was actually felt.

In order to understand how reverse osmosis works let’s see how the natural process of osmosis takes place. Osmosis is a naturally occurring process where solvents in a saline solution of lower concentration move towards a solution of higher concentration. It is the phenomenon behind the way plants absorb water from the soil, and how our kidneys absorb water from our blood.

That may be too much science to take in, but once you know what osmosis is, it is easier to understand reverse osmosis and how it effectively cleans the water of most impurities. Now in a reverse osmosis process, pressure is applied to make solvents move from higher concentration to lower. A semi-permeable membrane like a sediment paper is placed in between in order to absorb all the ions, salt, bacteria, pathogen, and more impurities than a typical water filtration system can catch.

Now let’s talk about the obvious advantages of reverse osmosis systems over traditional water filtration systems you can find in Arlington, TX.

What Advantages does it Offer Over a Regular Water Filtration System?

There is a reason it is referred to as a water purification system rather than water filtration system. While most filter systems may only filter out impurities to a certain extent, a reverse osmosis system can purify water by killing bacteria and microorganisms as well. Without exaggeration, a high quality reverse osmosis system for homes and offices can remove around 99 percent of dissolved impurities, which ultimately delivers two benefits no other system can promise.

Better Taste, No Odor

A reverse osmosis purification system removes the odd taste and odor typically caused by the chlorine and other chemicals introduced to the water. The quality of drinking water is improved so much that you will actually feel a difference in the taste and quality of food. It is also the reason most restaurants opt for a reverse osmosis system.

Low Cost, Low Maintenances

If the water in your Arlington, TX is not good enough to drink because of the taste and odor, you will naturally do for bottled mineral water even if you have a regular filter since they fail to remove the odor or taste. In comparison, reverse osmosis water filtration system turns out to be a more cost-effective solution in the long run. Besides, RO systems are low maintenance and you only need to change the filter once in six months. The internal membrane can work perfectly well for three to five years depending on the quality of water in your home.

Region Specific Solution

Water quality varies from area to area and even home to home. While typical water filtration systems may only target generic problems, reverse osmosis is great for areas in Arlington, TX where the amount of chemicals such as arsenic, fluoride, and chlorine is very high. You cannot expect the same level of purification from an average filter system. The followings section covers more of this information.

Are all Reverse Osmosis Systems the Same?

Not all RO purification systems are built the same. Depending on where you live in Arlington, TX and the quality of water in your home, we can suggest a reverse osmosis system that can offer perfect purification. If the water has specific concerns such as high fluoride and arsenic content, there are specific systems to cater those issues more efficiently than others.

Simply put, several factors differentiate one RO water filtration system from another. Number of purification stages can be anywhere from three to five depending on the amount of containments dissolved in your tap water. The capacity of the filter system, measured in gallons per day, also matters, especially if you have a huge family or need the system for your place of business. Finally, the quality of components and manufacturing also affects the durability and effectiveness of the system.

With that said, let us remind you that RO system needs to be installed properly in order to perform efficiently. Investing in professional water filtration installation system is worth every penny you will spend.

So, Is Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System Suitable for Your Needs?

If good quality, purified, and healthy drinking water is what you seek then we can hardly suggest any other option you should be going for. In Arlington, TX specifically, we have come across areas where the quality of tap water is too bad for a regular water filtration system to do its job. RO systems have won our vote of confidence, completely.

Call us or pay us a visit to find out a product that is well suited to your needs.