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Safe Gas Leak Repair

Safe Gas Leak Repair

Do I Need Gas Leak Repair?

As anyone from Arlington and Fort Worth (all of Texas really) knows, gas leaks can be very dangerous and should be repaired as soon as possible. What one might not know is how to detect a gas leak, what to do when a gas leak is detected, and how to go about getting the gas leak repaired.

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Safety First:

There are many ways to be safe around a possible gas leak. The first of them is detecting a gas leak, and there are many ways of accomplishing that. Please use caution when executing the following methods of detecting a gas leak.

The first step in gas leak repair is detecting it. The first method of detecting a gas leak is using to follow your nose. Natural gas has an odor that has been added to it that smells like rotten eggs (it’s really tert-Butylthiol, but let’s not get too technical). Just smelling rotten eggs is just one method. Another method of gas leak detection is using your ears.

Combined with using your nose, your ears can help detect a gas leak by listening for a hissing or blowing sound. If you want to know what those sound like, use your favorite search engine (e.g. Google or Bing), but most people will be able to know what a gas leak sounds like when they hear it.

Smelling and hearing a gas leak are two of the main ways people detect gas leaks some other ways are specific to situations such as dead vegetation in normally green areas, flames, dirt blowing from a hole in the ground, and bubbling from water or some other liquid. Please be vigilant and do not panic.

Once you find a gas leak, the next steps involve keeping a level head and making smart decisions.

After checking to make sure your gas stove is off, leave the area immediately and contact your local gas service (unless it’s an emergency then call 9-1-1). For people living in Fort Worth and Arlington, contact Atmos Energy at 1-866-322-8667 from a safe distance and follow their instructions.

Some common sense things you can do (or not do) are as follows:

  • Do not use any electrical device such as telephones, appliances, garage door openers, or lights. Those electronics could spark and ignite the gas.
  • Do not light any flame. Period.
  • Do not try to find the source of the gas leak. Just detect that the leak is, in fact, happening.
  • Do not try to shut off and gas valves. You want to be far away from gas leaks as they can ignite at any moment.
  • Do not start vehicles. Your engine has a lot of heat and explosions happening inside of it. The mixture can be deadly.
  • Do not re-enter the building or return to the area until officials (Atmos Energy employees, Fort Worth or Arlington Fire Departments) state that it’s okay to enter the premises.
  • If the gas does ignite, let it burn. Do not attempt to put out the flames. Burning gas will not explode, but it can still be deadly, and your life is much more valuable than possessions. Safety of people is always the first thing to consider.

Once the gas has been shut off and the danger has been cleared, the next thing to do is have a professional perform a gas leak repair. Luckily for people living in the Fort Worth and Arlington area, there are plenty of professionals that are certified in getting the job done.

It should go without saying, but gas leaks will not repair themselves and should not be attempted by someone not specifically trained in gas leak repair. Even though you might be a great handyman (or handywoman), the danger outweighs your ability to save yourself some money. Please do not make the mistake of assuming the problem is small enough to handle without a professional.

Here is a good mnemonic device to help you remember what to do should you suspect a gas leak: The four Rs (not the bogus ones you learned about in school) are as follows: Recognize (detect), React (leave), Report (contact Atmos or 9-1-1), and Repair (call a professional). Stay safe Arlington and Fort Worth and be vigilant.