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Safe Water | Water Filtration System Fort Worth

Safe Water | Water Filtration System Fort Worth

Clean Water Systems | Water Filtration System Fort Worth

It is becoming routine for the evening news to carry frightening stories of contamination in our food and water supply. For those who have the opportunity home gardens are increasing in number, with container gardening for those without the ground for a garden. Others choose to buy certified organic. Fortunately, anyone can have clean water with a water filtration system in Fort Worth.

water filtration system fort worth

Clean water is threatened by agricultural runoff, industrial chemical discharge, pharmaceutical contaminants, heavy metal contamination, bacteria, viruses, and more. Municipal water treatment systems are unable to remove all of these contaminants and in some areas of the country, communities simply treat with chlorine and no filtration is provided.

Even in communities with clean water at the source, aging pipe systems can contribute contaminants to drinking water, delivering them at our taps from rusty cast iron pipes.

Recently in the news, are reports of some plastic bottles and containers leaching BPA or pthalate into bottled water after exposure to heat or UV sunlight. These bottles include some baby bottles, teething rings, sippy cups and some food wraps. These chemicals can cause endocrine disorders.

In addition, water supply lines from the street may be lead in older communities, and older homes may have lead fittings or corroded galvanized pipe that can absorb lead from lead supply lines, and distribute it intermittently at the tap, even when the lead supply lines are removed. Water is rarely a source of lead contamination, except in those cases where lead pipes, pipes with imbedded lead contamination and fittings are involved.

Lead is a heavy metal that can have dire consequences on health, including the development of the unborn and the very young. The numerous adverse health risks due to lead include the following:

  • Mental and physical developmental delays in the unborn, infants and children.
  • Learning disabilities in children, behavioral problems and mental retardation.
  • High blood pressure in adults.
  • Damage to the kidneys in adults.
  • Reproductive damage in adults.
  • Damage to red blood cells and anemia.
  • Damage to the nervous system.
  • If levels are very high, convulsions, coma and death can occur.

With so many risks involved from lead alone, when you consider the added risks of other contaminants, it isn’t any wonder that a growing number of households elect to install a water filtration system in Fort Worth.

There are numerous ways a water filtration system in Fort Worth will benefit you:

  • Eliminates the damage caused by hard water. Hard water contains minerals, and while not typically dangerous to drink, it is very damaging on plumbing and appliances such as the water heater.
  • Eliminates the need for bottled water. The majority of bottled water has been proven to be nothing more than tap water and often contains the same contaminants. By using a water filtration system in Fort Worth you keep plastic bottles out of the landfill, and have clean, safe, great tasting drinking water right at your own tap.
  • Eliminates the odors in water. Has your water ever smelled like sulfur or chlorine? A water filtration system in Fort Worth will filter the odors right out of your water, for sparkling clear, odor free water.
  • Water filtration removes chlorine, mercury, lead microbial cysts, bacteria, viruses, agricultural chemicals and much more.

If you would like clean, safe and great tasting water give us a call. Our water filtration specialists will evaluate your home and water to determine the best water filtration system in Fort Worth for your home.

Our water filtration products include a solution for your home and requirements, whether for one location or a whole house water filtration system. We carry conventional water filtration systems as well as reverse osmosis, with a system to fit almost any budget. Give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call for the repair or installation of a water filtration system in Fort Worth today.