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Safety | Water Heater Repair in Fort Worth

Safety | Water Heater Repair in Fort Worth

Expansion Tanks | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Water heated within the hot water heater expands, increasing pressure within the closed system of the water heater. Over time, the pressure fluctuations can damage components in the water heater. The installation of an expansion tank will prevent the excess buildup of pressure, extending the hot water heater’s service life. If you have had to provide water heater repair in Fort Worth due to pressure damage, consider the installation of an expansion tank.

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Water heaters utilize a pressure relief valve, commonly called a “pop-off valve” as a safety against harmful pressure. The pressure relief valve is designed to remain closed until activated to release hot water from the tank through a discharge line to the outside of the home. Unfortunately, if a pressure relief valve fails, it may result in the rupture of the glass lining present in some water heaters. An additional issue that may occur with a failed pressure relief valve is a burst water line.

An expansion tank can prevent these issues and the resulting need for water heater replacement, or water heater repair in Fort Worth.

An additional sign of hot water heater issues may be water of a hotter than normal temperature. This can be a clue that a hot water heater thermostat has failed, and can lead to elevated pressure. Furthermore, you may notice that cold water seems unusually warm. Finally, you may hear the hot water heating more often than is normal. Not every homeowner is aware of these sounds, but the more frequent operation is a sign of a potential problem and the need for water heater repair in Fort Worth.

Expanding hot water in a failing system may even cause hot water to back-up beyond the plumbing in the home and into the municipal water supply lines. Recent federal legislation requires the installation of backflow preventers on public water supplies. These devices prevent expanded water from your hot water tank from backing up into the municipal water supply lines, almost ensuring a ruptured water line or water heater when the pressure continues to build due to a failed thermostat or other component.

If a backflow preventer has already been installed on your municipal water supply, an expansion tank may be required by local or state code. If not, it is highly recommended to install one. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides expansion tank installation, repair or replacement, as well as water heater repair in Fort Worth.

An expansion tank utilizes a diaphragm that retracts due to elevated pressure within the water heater. Hot water then enters the expansion tank effectively reducing the pressure in the water heater. Any hot water that accumulates in the expansion tank will be released into hot water lines to be used when needed.

As public water suppliers upgrade their systems to conform to the federal legislation requiring backflow preventers, the installation of an expansion tank will become part of local and state codes in the following:

  • When water meters are replaced.
  • When a hot water heater is replaced.
  • In new home construction.
  • After the installation of a backflow preventer on the water meter.
  • When a new pressure regulating valve is installed on the home’s water supply.

It is common for high temperature regulators and pressure relief valves to fail. The installation of an expansion tank provides a layer of insurance for providing protection for your water heater, preventing ruptured hot water lines, as well as to ensure the protection of your home from damaging water leaks, while reducing the need for water heater repair in Fort Worth.

You can depend upon a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for the service of expansion tanks. Our experienced and prompt plumbers provide full service plumbing include water heater repair in Fort Worth. We look forward to serving you.