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Save More Water And Money With These Helpful Tips Straight From A Plumber | Weatherford, TX

Save More Water And Money With These Helpful Tips Straight From A Plumber | Weatherford, TX

If you’re a homeowner, we’re pretty certain one of your goals is to save more water and money. You can achieve this by keeping your plumbing system efficient. Read this article for helpful tips straight from a plumber in Weatherford, TX.

Money-Saving Tips

Below are effective plumbing tips that help you conserve water, energy and money. Follow the tips to start saving money today:

Invest in Energy-Efficient Appliances and Fixtures

One of the biggest tips we want to share is the importance of investing in the right appliances and fixtures to conserve energy and money. The only disadvantage of this is that energy-efficient appliances can be expensive, but you do get to save more money in the long run because they are energy-efficient.

Look into ENERGY STAR dishwashers and washing machines. These appliances use less water, helping you save money. For plumbing fixtures, consider buying dual flush toilets and low-flow showerheads. If you need more information on the type of appliances and fixtures you can install for your home in Weatherford, TX, please get in touch with a plumber today. Our plumbers are more than happy to help you make an informed decision. We can also help you professionally install these units.

Get a Tankless Water Heater

I think you’re already aware of the benefits of tankless water heaters. There’s no standby heat loss with them as you’re only using energy when you actually turn on the shower or the faucet. So if you’re looking for the most energy-efficient option for your home, buying a tankless water heater would be the way to go.

If your unit is more than 7 years old and is no longer that efficient, we suggest calling a professional to help you install a tankless water heater. Apart from the savings, you also get to save space and reduce the chances of flooding in the basement. Are you thinking of installing one for your home? Contact a licensed plumber today for the installation of your new unit.

Protect Your Pipes

Are you aware that the plumbing pipes can burst and leak if they’re not protected when the temperature starts dropping? During winter, it’s a must to get some insulating blankets for your plumbing pipes and ensure the water inside them doesn’t freeze. If you suddenly run out of water, this usually means the pipes are now frozen. Ensure you get in touch with a professional immediately to help you thaw the pipes. If you wait long enough, the plumbing pipes can expand and then break.

Fix a Leaky Toilet

A leaky toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water each day, which is why it’s important to fix leaks as soon as possible. To test for toilet leaks, simply pour a few drops of food coloring into the toilet tank and wait for about 10 minutes. Check the toilet bowl after and ensure the water’s color hasn’t changed. If it did change, this usually indicates a leak in the toilet. Get in touch with a licensed professional immediately so they can fix the toilet right away.

If you have leaky faucets, fix these as well. It would help to have some essential plumbing tools you can use for minor repairs. For major plumbing repairs, ensure you only hire a licensed professional. Never hire a handyperson either as they may not have enough plumbing experience to properly carry out the task. Don’t worry, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is always here to help. And our professionals are always available to provide assistance, especially during emergencies.

Monitor Your Bill

Has your water bill suddenly skyrocketed? This may indicate a leak in your plumbing especially when it’s also accompanied by low water pressure. One of the ways to test for leaks is to do a water meter test. To do this, you just have to do two separate readings and compare the result of each reading. If they’re not the same, this usually indicates a leak. We suggest calling a plumber for professional leak detection. You might want to consider leak detection devices so that you’re alert when there’s a possible leak in your plumbing. Talk to us to learn more about leak detection devices or hire a professional if you’re ready to install this device.

Watch the Water Pressure

If you have a water pressure gauge, don’t forget to check your home’s water pressure and ensure the result is just within 40-60 PSI. Low water pressure can indicate a leak in your plumbing — in this case, get professional leak detection right away. When the water pressure is too high, please call a plumber ASAP to correct your home’s water pressure. A water pressure that’s too high can severely strain the pipes. If this isn’t corrected, the pipes can break and leak water. Be proactive in resolving this issue to prevent leaks in your plumbing and avoid a more costly repair.

Get in Touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth

A licensed plumber can help resolve all water-related problems in your home from a leaky faucet to a faulty water heater. If you suspect an issue with any of your plumbing appliances or fixtures, we suggest calling a professional in Weatherford, TX immediately for a thorough inspection of your unit. Our plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth never cut corners when it comes to repairs and installations. It’s also our goal to ensure all of our customers are completely happy with our services. If you need a plumbing service, we’re just a call away. Get in touch with us at your earliest convenience and our team will schedule you for an appointment right away. You can trust and rely on our plumbers who will never leave your property unless the problem is fixed permanently.

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