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Say No to Bottled Water, Say Yes to Water Filtration System in Haslet, TX

Say No to Bottled Water, Say Yes to Water Filtration System in Haslet, TX

Water is an everyday need. More than 70% of the human body is made of water, and we need to stay hydrated throughout the day. In fact, a major reason why many people experience severe headaches, high levels of stress and constant fatigue is because they do not drink enough water. Around 8 to 10 glasses of water a day is the standard criteria for staying hydrated.

But the way you drink water and treat it is a reflection of your treatment of the environment. For the sake of our own leverage and convenience, we must not damage the environment. Instead, it’s our moral responsibility to find alternatives that promote sustainable values.

As a part of the global community, it’s now essential more than ever to move toward sustainable options. So abandon the use of plastic bottles and move to a more sustainable method of drinking water!

You’re probably thinking- what is a sustainable method of drinking water?

The answer is quite simple. Fix a water filtration system in Haslet, TX, and minimize the damages to your environment! Still if you’re not convinced to have a water filtration system in Haslet, TX installed, we have listed down a few cons of using plastic bottled water that are definitely going to convince you to make this transition.


Plastic bottles are unsustainable— end of debate! Yes, you may have learned in school that this is a sustainable method of drinking water, but it’s not. In fact, plastic is given the shape of bottles using large amounts of fossil fuels such as coals and petroleum, making plastic water bottles an unsustainable drinking option.

In addition, plastic bottles don’t benefit the recycling industry either. According to statistics, 6/7 plastic bottles in America are not even recycled; they’re sent away to garbage disposals where the plastic’s degrading toxins seep into the soil and watersheds.

Instead, ask a professional service to install water filtration system in Haslet, TX. This system filters out your home’s tap water in a sustainable way.

It’s a Scam

You might believe the claims of the company or the beautiful natural lakes and streams the bottle features. But in reality, more than half the times, this water isn’t even mineralized— it’s just stored tap water!

Many people purchase bottled water because they believe it’s organic and conceived from fresh water sources such as streams, springs or well-water. However, according to statistics, around 30% of the water you consume from plastic bottles is actually just tap water.

Companies might filter the water out, but it still doesn’t make it ‘fresh’ the way they claim it to be. And the worst part is that you’re actually paying thousands of dollars annually on buying filtered tap water in bottles when you could have just used the tap’s filtered water from water filtration system in Haslet, TX. The best part is that water filtration system in Haslet, TX, is a much cheaper substitute!


Bottled water is unhealthy. Some of the latest studiesrevealed the truth about bottled water. Many of the bottled water samples tested out during the study were known to be contaminated with mold, microbes, trihalomethanes, phthalates and arsenic. Even glucocorticoid-like chemicals were found in some of the branded bottled water samples.

This is an alarming sign for all of us! If you spend a lot of money on buying bottled water, it is safe to say that you’re actually spending money to deteriorate your health. You don’t want that, do you? Then start using water from water filtration system in Haslet, TX now, and protect you and your family’s wellbeing in the future!


Again, our emphasis is on the health issues caused by plastic. Problem isn’t just drinking filtered tap water out of plastic bottles, the real problem is drinking ANYTHING out of plastic!

Plastic carries quite a few harmful chemicals on its own. In fact, it is known as ‘a cocktail of chemicals’ which prove to be awfully hazardous to your health. Regardless of the increased use of BPA-free plastic, if it is kept in heat or ages, it can allow seepage of these harmful chemicals such as endocrine disruptors in the water.

Who knows what this might cause? There’s already so much filth out there, the least we can do is protect not only the planet but also ourselves by saying no to plastic bottled water! Instead, have a water filtration system in Haslet, TX, installed in your home to enjoy purified tap water. You can count on it to be less harmful than the so-called ‘fresh’ bottled water.

Why You Should Install a Water Filtration System in Haslet, TX?

Water filters are a great and authentic source of providing a methodical way to access clean and pure water in your home. Professional plumbers can easily install a water filtration system in your house’s main pipeline.

Water filtration system in Haslet, TX, has several benefits including conversion of the hard water (unhealthy for you) into soft (healthy for you). Water filtration system purifies water, making it perfect for drinking and cooking.

In addition, one of the greatest advantages of water filtration system in Haslet, TX, is that it supplies you with safe, healthy and filtered water at home without having to spend thousands of dollars annually the way you do on bottled water.

And not to forget— accessing water from a water filtration system in Haslet, TX, is eco-friendly! So you will be playing your part in controlling the damage that is harming the planet.

It is about time we all say no to bottled water. It is neither safe nor healthy for you or the planet. So if you’ve finally decided to transition from unsustainable methods of using water to sustainable ones, contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth, TX, and we will install a water filtration system in Haslet, TX!

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