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Selecting A Water Filtration System In Dalworthington, TX

Selecting A Water Filtration System In Dalworthington, TX

In an era where people are conscious about their health and looking for ways follow healthy habits, one need to be aware of what they are consuming. Whether it is dieting or increasing your water intake, it takes effort and dedication to follow a healthy regime. Surprisingly, while people understand increasing your water intake is good for their health, they neglect to determine whether the water they are drinking is actually pure or not.

There are numerous contaminations hidden in the tap water we all drink. While you are told it is healthy treated water, can you really count on it? Can you jeopardize the health of your family by letting them drink water infested with chemicals and radioactive metals? Water filtration is one of the best ways of getting pure water to drink in America. Installing a water filtration system in Dalworthington, TX is the best investment you would make to protect yourself and your family from infested drinking water.

Read on to find out more about the importance of water filtration system in Dalworthington, TX and selecting the right one for you so you can enjoy the advantages of consuming clean water through water filtration.

Contaminations Hiding in Tap Water

It is highly important to have a good quality, properly maintained water filtration system in Dalworthington, TX, in order to keep maintain good health. There are countless hazards that can contaminate tap water, including the following:


Chlorine is intentionally included in the tap water as a cleaner. The aim is to purify water from other contaminations. However, it turns out chlorine is not completely safe to be added in drinking water. It reacts with water and produces hydrochloric acid which is toxic and can result in impaired balance, memory problems, and cell damage.


This is one of the worst contaminations that hide in tap water. Being a neurotoxin, it is toxic to almost each and every organ in your body. Lead poisoning, along with lead exposure, can result in behavioral and developmental disorders among children. In high doses, it may also cause brain damage. Lead poisoning has also been linked to heart, kidney, reproductive and cancer issues.


This is also a toxic heavy metal which isn’t safe, no matter what the dose is. It can result in brain damage, nerve damage, and cognitive disability. The numerous symptoms caused due to exposure of mercury include mood swings, rashes, memory problems, fatigue, and headaches.

Radioactive Elements

Majority of US citizens have access to tap water which is contaminated by carcinogenic radioactive elements. Such elements appear on earth after mining for oil and gas. Since these radioactive elements cause ionizing radiation, it results in birth defects, dysfunctional brain development and cancers. The elements like strontium-90, tritium, uranium, radon, radium-228, and radium 226 drastically enhances the chances of cancer. These elements have been found in greater number than the specified levels allowed. The biggest numbers of individuals that have been affected due to radioactive elements are in Florida, Texas, and California. This is the reasons it is highly recommended to install water filtration system in Dalworthington, TX.

Other Chemicals

Aside from the mentioned contaminations, there various other chemicals that ends up in tap water and drinking water supplies through big companies and manufacturing industries that poison the environment.  Even the toxins left behind by manufacturing companies more than 50 years ago can still be growing in water and affecting unsuspecting citizens.


In order to protect yourself and your family from such contaminations that lead to health issues, it is essential to have a good quality water filtration system in Dalworthington, TX installed by professional to ensure you have safe drinking water.

Water Filtration Technologies

There are various types of water filtration to select from in Dalworthington, TX. The most common water filters are as follows:

Pitcher Filters

This is the most common kind of water filtration system in Dalworthington, TX. It utilizes gravity to shift the water through its filters in order to clear it of any impurities. These are very convenient but require you to keep refilling the pitcher as you utilize the water.

Under-Sink Filters

Majority of the undersink filters use a smaller secondary faucet under the sink to filter the impurities in the water instead of utilizing the main faucet. Just like pitcher filters, undersink filters clean water as it is consumed.

Whole-House Filters

This is an advanced water filtration system in Dalworthington, TX that filters all the water that enters your house right at the point entry. When water enters the property line from the municipal line, the whole-house water filtration system filters the water before it flows throughout your house.

Countertop Water Filters

A countertop water filter won’t take up much space in your sink as they can be hooked to your faucet or can be placed as freestanding filters. If you get this water filter hooked to the waterline, you won’t have to keep refilling the pitcher. This is one of the best investments you can make as installing this water filtration system in Dalworthington, TX means your water will keep filtering even when there is a power outage.

Salt Free Water Softener

Additionally to the mentioned water filtrations systems, you can also utilize a salt free softener to eliminate impurities from building up in the home appliances and plumping pipes. Just like a water filtration system in Dalworthington, TX, it can also be installed by a professional right at the main water line of the house.


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