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Selecting & Installing a New Kitchen Sink

Selecting & Installing a New Kitchen Sink

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Selecting Kitchen Faucets

If you are looking for a new kitchen faucet the large number of choices makes what was once a simple selection among only a few faucets, to a time consuming task with so many models, options and configurations.

There are finishes to choose among, the number of handles to select, whether or not a pull out faucet is desired and whether or not a sprayer is needed. Then there is the decision of the style and size, making the decision more time consuming. Hopefully, it is a case of choosing a faucet for a fast and easy update to the kitchen, or perhaps choosing a faucet for an upcoming remodel. If either of these are the case you can take your time. If however, you have a leaky or busted faucet that must be replaced right now, then you have to wade through all of the choices for a fast purchase to restore the water to the kitchen sink.

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You can narrow the choices by asking yourself the following questions.

How many holes are in the sink?

Unless you are replacing the sink as well as the faucet you need to know how many holes are in the sink’s faucet area. Knowing the answer to this will eliminate faucets requiring a different number of holes. There may be hope and no need to despair if the only faucet you actually like requires a different number of holes. Some faucet manufacturers offer optional deck plates to cover up the extra holes if you want the faucet requiring a single hole. The plate will cover up all the extras. Alternately, if you need more holes for a faucet, a licensed plumber can provide you with it.

How many handles do I want?
A two handled faucet will allow the mixing the hot and cold water, while a one handled faucet allows the water temperature to be adjusted with a single motion.

Does your kitchen require a sprayer?

If you have a side sprayer and use it you will regret not purchasing a faucet with a sprayer. If you don’t currently have one and never miss it you can probably get by without one. Consider what you use it for, for example, a sprayer helps to rinse a large pot that is difficult to maneuver around the faucet. Keep in mind, a side sprayer will require its own hole, and if your sink doesn’t have one a hole will have to be cut to insert a sprayer, or you will have to purchase a sink with enough holes to accommodate the faucets required number of holes, and the hole for a sprayer. Only you can decide if you would like to have a sprayer or not.

What’s your style?

Knowing your style and the style in your kitchen will help you to par down the choices. Do you want an antiqued finish, nickel or shiny chrome? Do you want brass trim, a straight faucet, a swan neck faucet or a pull out faucet? Having some idea of the design and style that you are looking for will greatly reduce the number of options. If you plan to purchase from a particular retailer go online and shop for the desired product. If you plan to pick it up in person write down the name, item number, store stock number and price. It will save you the time of having to shop for the stock number at the store.

What kind of warranty do you expect?

A faucet with a lifetime warranty will be more expensive. If you are purchasing a $150 plus faucet it may be well worth it, especially if live in a region with lime water that deposits mineral build up on plumbing. Faucets simply don’t last as long in these regions and it isn’t unusual to have to replace a good quality faucet every 10-15 years in areas with hard water.

Calculate the cost difference of the 1 year warranty version against the lifetime warranty version. If the difference is not tremendous buy the lifetime warranty version. Read the warranty information before purchase, a warranty of any kind will not cover intentional abuse or damage on any faucet, but ensure the lifetime warranty will cover defective and failed materials. Look for specific clauses that exclude hard water regions from coverage if it applies to you. If it won’t be covered, buy the cheaper version and clean it at minimum bi-annually or have a licensed plumber to do so on extremely costly faucets.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth provides faucet repair and faucet replacement, as well as new sink and faucet installation. Give our licensed master plumbers a call, we will be happy to provide the service you need on your plumbing in Arlington and Fort Worth. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee we take all of the worry out of your plumbing problems.