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Senior Accessible Bathrooms | Plumber Arlington, Texas

Senior Accessible Bathrooms | Plumber Arlington, Texas

Senior Bathroom Safety | Plumbers Arlington, TX

When remodeling or retrofitting a bathroom for someone with mobility issues, there are a number of products available to assist you in the goal of senior bathroom safety safety. In the following we will look at a few of the common products that are beneficial for your loved ones. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX offers the plumbing services you require for relocating water and drain pipes, hookups and more.senior access bathroom plumber arlington texas

Safe Tubs and Showers

There are a number of walk-in tubs and showers available to assist those with impaired mobility. Showers that accommodate shower chairs are popular, and custom showers with built in seating and pull out shower heads are favored by those with the ability to get in and out of the showers by themselves.

Retrofitting a bathroom with hand rails and wall mounted handles are common upgrades for those who don’t want a full bathroom remodel. Slip proof material on the bottom of the tub or shower is a key factor in preventing falls. In a full bathroom remodel, slip proof tile can be installed in the shower bottom and is a wise investment in flooring to prevent falls. In addition, invest in quality non-slip bath mats.

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas of a home, especially for young children, the disabled and the elderly. Ensure the water heater thermostat isn’t set higher than 120 degrees F to prevent scalding. Lower isn’t better, below 120 F, bacteria can grow in the hot water heater tank.

Elevated Toilets

Elevated toilets are both beneficial and appreciated for those with mobility problems. Retrofitting an existing toilet is entirely possible, or you may select a toilet designed for those with impaired mobility. Adding a hand rail to the wall can assist your loved one to get on and off of a toilet.

Though not common in the U.S., a bidet is a convenient toilet providing warm water wash-up. You can now provide your loved one with the convenience of a bidet in the toilet seat, installed on the existing toilet. It provides for good hygiene without having to replace the toilet. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX can provide the water line you need for this feature.

Bathroom Plumbing Tips for Sinks

Faucets with lever handles are easier for arthritic hands to operate, and a hands free motion sensing faucet is even easier. Our experienced plumbers in Arlington, TX can install the faucet of your choice. Providing wheelchair access to the bathroom sink and counter makes hygiene easier for those confined to a wheelchair.

Other Accessories

Wall mounted soap and shampoo dispensers not only eliminate bottles in the shower or tub, but can assist in preventing falls due to dropped bottles. If you are planning to remodel or retrofit a bathroom for a loved with mobility issues, Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, TX can provide the plumbing services you need to enable your loved one to enjoy greater independence, and to assist those who provide their care and provide personal hygiene.

It’s a difficult adjustment for the elderly or the disabled dealing with mobility issues. Giving up their independence is a major milestone in the life of our aging parents and grandparents, and for those with disabilities requiring assistance. Numerous products are available to assist them to provide their own care, and maintaining independence for as long as possible. When the need for a caregiver’s assistance occurs, these products can help them to maintain their bathroom safety.

Ben Franklin Plumbing cares about the safety of those who have given so much of themselves in raising families, participating in community goals, and those who have sacrificed so much in serving our country. Contact our plumbers in Arlington, TX for plumbing installation, plumbing repair, and other plumbing services that you need.

In summary, a wide range of products are available to assist in providing for senior bathroom safety, and for disabled loved ones with limited mobility. Furthermore, these products can aid those who are still independent in providing their own care safely and effectively. Contact Benjamin Franklin’s licensed professional plumbers in Arlington, TX for plumbing hook-up, moving water supply lines and other plumbing services and installations when you remodel a bathroom. Our dedicated plumbers serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.