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Septic Systems: Functioning and the Aeration Process | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Septic Systems: Functioning and the Aeration Process | Plumber in Arlington, TX

The septic system of your house is one of the most essential parts of your residential plumbing. You should always ensure that it is in  topnotch condition, and frequently get it inspected by a reputed plumber in Arlington, TX. What’s the benefit? You avoid unnecessary costs later on. After all, where septic systems are considered, even a small leak, can turn out to be a big deal.

What is the main function of your septic system?

In the simplest of terms, it flushes wastage out from your plumbing system. All the waste travels through your drain network into the septic tack. The solid waste floats to the bottom, whereas the liquid waste stays towards the top. As more and more water enters the tank, the previous water already there is flushed out into the drainfield. For the solid waste, you’ll have to get it pumped out after periodic intervals by a plumber in Arlington, TX.

The drainfield comprises of perforated pipes and is generally, constructed in unsaturated soil. The pipe releases wastewater in the soil where it is treated and dispersed. If the drainfield becomes too filled up with water, sewage may flow out on the surface, or your sinks and toilets may get blocked. You’ll then have to turn to a reputed plumber in Arlington, TX, and get the issue fixed.

Why do septic systems fail?

Septic symptoms can fail due to a number of reasons. For instance, the wastewater may not be soaked in the soil, which can have two consequences. The first is that wastewater would be leaked out onto the ground, creating puddles and the second is that the sewage would be backed in the residential plumbing system. You can identify this if you flush the toilet and the water isn’t released into the drain, or you hear strange noises being emitted from the drain pipe. Also observe the grass. If the drainfield is clogged, the grass over it will be longer and taller than the rest of your yard. In case, you observe any of these signs, call a reputed plumber in Arlington, and let them inspect your plumbing system. They’ll be able to identify the problem, and then resolve it as well.

Here are some roots causes that can prevent your drainage system from working.

  • Poor conditions of the soil
  • Improper placement of the drainfield for the tank
  • Excessive water consumption
  • Inappropriate size of the septic system
  • Solid waste or scum leaving the septic tank and entering the drainfield; this clogs the pipe and wastewater is no longer absorbed by the soil.
  • High water table
  • Rain seasons in which groundwater levels may rise up and enter the drainfield, forcing waste to come out on the surface
  • Significant landscape changes
  • Roots blocking underground pipes
  • Physical damage to the system itself
  • Heavy equipment or cars over the tank or the drainfield may cause malfunctioning in some cases

What’s the effect of laundry on your septic system?

If your tank system features black and gray water, then the water from your laundry would problem be released into a separate tank. But most of the times, there is only one tank that collects the wastewater.

If your laundry load is too much, then the soaps and bleaches may kill bacteria that are required in the tank. Plus, washing machines also release the lint which causes soil blockage in the drainfield.  Also the nylon and polyester preset in the tank won’t be broken down by the system, and may clog soil.

Talk to a reputed plumber in Arlington, and they’ll give you more advice about doing laundry with minimum effect on your system.

So what do you do after your system has failed?

Simply call upon a reputed plumber in Arlington, TX, and take their help.  They’ll identify the problem, and accordingly repair the system. If the problem is too severe, you may have to replace the blocked drainfield with a new one. This may be the case if too many oils, fats or grease from your kitchen has entered your lines. At times, your plumber in Arlington, TX, may suggest adding aeration to the tank rather than a complete replacement.

For relatively small issues, your chosen plumber in Arlington, TX, might only recommend drain cleaning. Good plumbing services usually do this without disrupting water supply or damaging your yard.

Why can aeration be a good choice?

Talk to any plumber in Arlington, TX and most of them will tell you that aeration is a good choice. Why so? For starters, it improves the performance of your septic system by improving the treatment process. The process introduces oxygen into the tank which works with the bacteria present to break down waste, formally referred to as the biomat. In the presence of oxygen, the bacterial population increases and consumes the slime already present.

Your chosen plumber in Arlington, TX, will introduce oxygen in the oxygen in the tank through a small pump. This, along with a diffuser, is placed into the septic tack. The combined unit enables wastewater to circulate inside the tank, and come in contact with oxygen rich bacteria.  A bacterial catalyst may nbe added to the tank to initiate the process.

Eventually, the oxygen rich water enters the drainfield, and starts consuming the waste present in the pipe; the process is known as bioremediation.  The performance of the septic system shows notable improvements in a few weeks.

The primary benefits of aeration are as follows.

  • Your existing drainfield doesn’t have to be replaced which decreases costs and also prevents damage to the landscape.
  • You don’t have to experience puddles, wet areas or odors anymore.
  • Aeration is an effective solution that supports the natural treatment process, so it is environment friendly in nature.
  • You enjoy a return on your investment. The solution is permanent and doesn’t incur huge bills.

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