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What is a Septic Tank? | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

What is a Septic Tank? | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Septic tank system is a water treatment procedure. In the past, many were built because the laws did not allow the evacuation of thick remains to the sewer, so they remained in the pit, having to empty every now and then. Today, you can hire professional plumbers in Arlington, TX for cleaning and maintenance services.

The recommendation and what is done today is the cancellation of exactly the same, channeling the cylinders that enter the pit in a cylinder of PVC, taking the general exit though a PVC siphon close to the street. The siphon prevents the entrance of:

  • Bad odors
  • Gas in case of leakage in the street
  • Rodents with the inconvenience that these would carry

Septic tanks are used to treat domestic sewage, separating and transforming organic matter that these waters contain through a physical-chemical process.

The use of a septic tank provides a simple and effective treatment of wastewater, especially in remote and rural areas or in areas where there is no sanitation. However, for installation and cleaning services, expert plumbers in Arlington, TX are required.

They are also very useful for local or small employment industries such as shipyard or for the houses of irregular use, i.e., on vacations or on weekends. In addition to this, in some municipalities, the use of septic tank is essential, since a pre-treatment of the waste matter is required before discharge to the municipal collector.

Another alternative is the ecological septic tank, which has biological filters to perform the purification process and allow the removal of waste water to be absorbed by existing flora.

Septic tanks also provide great safety and durability, as they are manufactured with highly resistant materials that guarantee tightness and impermeability.

The septic tanks were already built for at least a hundred years or more. When it comes to structure, it has barely changed.

It is super important to select the right quality and type of the septic tank, so it can provide dryness and good performance. Your plumbers in Arlington, TX can help you determine what type and quality you require for your place.

Types of Septic Tanks

There are various types of septic tanks. Most of them are plastic reinforced with fiberglass or polyester, which keeps retention they produce, in the microorganisms, reduced to the maximum of the pollutant load.

This is the guarantee that all the users of a septic tank want to have, as the contamination of the waste water must always be controlled by the same user. If you need installation, consult with proficient plumbers in Arlington, TX.

Prefabricated Fiberglass Septic Tank

This type of tank has been developed with the purpose to achieve:

  • Defining the industrial waste disposal process
  • Reduction of costs
  • Speed in the installation
  • Increase in the sanitary technical efficiency by means of factory control
  • Errors of the construction process pertaining to leakages, dimensions, placement of the input and output elements

This septic tank is light and inverted truncated pyramid to facilitate the transport of several units simultaneously. One is inside the other to interact by the slope of its form, angle of the rest of the ground to reduce the necessity of great structural reinforcements.

Its cover is made with the same material, and if required, to reduce the flexibility of plastic elements, reinforced with structures made of wood. Talk to the plumbers in Arlington, TX if you should go for this type of septic tank.

Characteristics of Prefabricated Fiberglass Septic Tank

  • The volume for the storage of liquid waste is around 1,657 m3.
  • Using rational procedure, developed for the design and analysis of septic tanks in hot climates and counting on installation of low water consumption devices, this tank can be used by the families of six to eight members.
  • Considering the discharge of waste matter produced in a house from toilets, showers, kitchen and laundry, it may need cleaning once a year or once every two years.
  • It needs cleaning every two years in case of a family of six members, and in case of eight, once a year.
  • Several septic tanks can be used in parallel for the treatment of larger discharge in places such as schools or multi-family apartment buildings.

Prefabricated Concrete Septic Tanks

This version is manufactured as one piece in reinforced concrete of high resistance. The manufacturing process controls the quality of dimensions and the finishing required for the connection of pipes very well.

Using this type of product may eliminate the need to hire skilled labor on the site where this individual treatment system is required. The construction problems are also avoided by working on land with high water tables. It’s a double chamber septic tank and its service is provided by the distributor.

The bottom should be well leveled. After the crane has placed it, both the sides and the top are filled with material extracted from excavation. Ensure that you get it cleaned on time to avoid any hazards. Always keep the contact details of professional plumbers in Arlington, TX for maintenance and cleaning.

Characteristics of Prefabricated Concrete Septic Tanks

  • It generally has total capacity of 2800 liters, having as operating capabilities, the volumes of liquids of 1880 liters in the first chamber and 550 liters in the second chamber.
  • Its operation is recommended to deal with the liquid waste of ten people.

Get the Septic Cleaned by the Professional Plumbers in Arlington, TX

The expert plumbers in Arlington, TX suck the contents of the septic tank through a suction pipe, both the hard and the liquid part. They pressure wash each and every wall, floor and roof of the septic tank. This cleaning is done through the inspection lid or the pit.

In case where the septic tank is not perceptible, or it is simply not known where it is, the plumbers in Arlington, TX may find it with the help of an inspection chamber and/or the probe and the locator.

Whenever you need septic cleaning services, contact Benjamin Franklin to hire the specialist plumbers in Arlington, TX.