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Services That the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Service Company Offers | Saginaw, TX

Services That the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Service Company Offers | Saginaw, TX

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For Saginaw, TX residents, it may be difficult to come to terms with a sudden and expensive plumbing job that needs repairing, but even worse than that is not knowing who to turn to for help. In these cases, it’s the job of the homeowner to turn to an experienced plumbing professional for their specific repair job. This guide will list and describe the services the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing service company has to offer. Everything ranging from general kitchen and bathroom remodeling, to more specific repairs pertaining to garbage disposals, sump pumps, and slab leaks.

Drain Cleaning

Over the course of weeks, months, and years your home’s plumbing manages to move thousands of gallons of water and waste to and from your home, over this time, however they may find it difficult to deal with the buildup of rust, grease, and any other chemicals or detritus that may clog your drains. The plumbing service professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provide services ranging from unclogging your home drains, to diagnosing and repairing damage to pipes these clogs can cause. With video camera line inspection, their plumbers can detect damage from invasive plant roots, hidden leaks, and shifting soil.

Camera Inspection

Whether it’s been a couple months since a Benjamin Franklin plumbing service technician has visited your property, or if it’s been a couple days, the company offers diagnostic camera services for the plumbing in your home. By snaking an infrared camera through residential plumbing, it’s easier to confirm the exact state of your plumbing and how long it’ll be until further maintenance will be necessary.

Expansion Tank Installation

For residents of high variance climates, they may find the day heats up from cold to hot pretty quickly. When water is heated up to 120 °F, it can expand to a point where the water pressure can cause pipes to burst in their home. In these cases, the expansion tank comes in handy. A vessel designed to absorb additional water pressure from rising temperatures, these expansion tanks can prevent pipes from bursting or absorbing any additional stress, increasing their general lifetime. The Benjamin Franklin plumbing service technicians are experienced in both the installation and maintenance of expansion tanks.

Garbage Disposals

It’s hard to ignore the utility of a good home garbage disposal. They’re great for making the messy, tedious chore of cleaning the kitchen less messy, and more convenient. The Benjamin Franklin plumbing company’s plumbing service professionals offer support in proper installation as well as advising on select maintenance for each garbage disposal unit.

Faucet Repair and Replacement

Saginaw, TX residents may find replacing their kitchen or bathroom faucet to be daunting to replace with the number of kitchen options and accessories on the market. With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, it’s easier to come up with an option that complements your home by comparing the vast number of options the company offers. Their plumbing service professionals excel at both installation and the repair of faucets. They’re experienced at handling everything from leaky, stripped faucets, to ceramic disc faucets, including in select cases a lifetime warranty.

Slab Leak Gas Detection

For Saginaw, TX residents who aren’t familiar with slab leaks, they occur when the foundation of a home shifts due to heavy rains, soil shifting, or just the passage of time. When the concrete slab is broken, the pipes in a home usually burst or get cracks that scale with the severity of the slab breakage. In these cases, a home gas line can rupture, causing a slow, but significant gas leak in a home. In the case of any water, sewage, or gas leak in a home, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing service professionals are prepared to diagnose, and estimate the cost of, and repair these slab leaks.

Sump Pumps

In homes where a basement or crawlspace is vulnerable to flooding waters, a sump pump is commonly installed to keep these areas dry and comfortable. In the case of a sump pump not being visible or in convenient view, it’s common that the openings to them get clogged, and instead of sending the water to a pump or waste water facility, the water doesn’t move and starts to pool, potentially causing water damage. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers sump pump repair and installation services for both homes and businesses, providing estimates on cost of repairs, and what type and capacity of sump pump your home or business will require.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

For homeowners looking to increase the value of their home, of the common remodels, kitchen remodeling is by far the one that makes the property more attractive to potential buyers. To make sure the most goes into a kitchen, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers decades of practical plumbing service, with kitchen fixture upgrades, and specialty installation. The same goes for fixtures and plumbing in bathrooms, whether it be refurbishing, or the addition of new plumbing.

Conventional Water Heaters

With emphasis on quality and efficiency, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers a comprehensive catalog of water heaters ready for installation. From the most advanced water heater manufacturers on the market, these models are made to accommodate every home comfortably. Conventional water heaters come in capacities that range from 20 to 100 gallons, and are powered by either electricity, gas, or geothermal. The company also offers repair and refurbishing services for older water heaters.

In Conclusion

It can get pretty harrowing searching for the right company to put your home’s plumbing in the hands of. If you’re looking for a responsible, and experienced plumbing service provider, however, you can’t do better than Benjamin Franklin Plumbing services and their vast array of services offered to Saginaw, TX homeowners.