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Sewage Backup | Plumber Fort Worth

Sewage Backup | Plumber Fort Worth

Common Causes of Sewage Backup

There are three main causes of sewage back up: blockage, tree roots, or a damaged sewer pipe that is cracked or collapsed. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for plumbing repair.


With periodic drain and sewer maintenance, most sewer clogs can be prevented. Keep your drains clear by keeping any waste that can clog the pipes, such as grease or food, out of your drains. When blockage occurs, professional drain cleaning can typically restore efficient drainage. Hydro jetting is a solution for stubborn clogs. Hydro jetting utilizes highly pressurized water without chemicals, providing forward and rear facing jets for a 360-degree cleaning action of the pipe. It’s effective in removing clogs, grease, tree roots, and other blockages. If your home’s drainage system hasn’t been cleaned in some time, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth for hydro jetting service.

Tree Roots

Over time, trees send out their roots in the search for water, which can lead to a blockage of the sewer pipe when roots find their way in. The results are sewage back up, and the leakage of potentially disease causing bacteria and viruses into ground water.

Cracked or Collapsed Sewer Pipe

Over time, the sewer pipe can crack or collapse with the risk increasing with age. Modern technology eliminates the need to excavate the lawn for pipe replacement or repair with trenchless pipe repair.

Common signs of sewer trouble indicating the need for sewer pipe repair may include:

  • Gurgling Noises from Toilets
    Gurgling sounds from the toilets are among of the first signs of a sewer blockage.
  • Slow-Draining Sinks and Showers
    Consistent clogs or slow drains are typically related to blockage somewhere in drains or sewer pipes. When the clogged drain is limited to a single location, the problem is likely to be in the solitary drain. However, when drainage problems occur throughout the home, a problem is likely within the sewer pipe itself.
  • Foul or Musky Odors
    When the odor comes from the bathtub drain, for example, run water down the drain. If the drain is in a seldom-used location, water in the trap may have evaporated allowing sewer odors to escape. A persistent odor indicates a problem, contact your plumber in Fort Worth
  • An Uneven or Lush Lawn
    Sunken areas of the lawn, or unusually lush, green patches of grass are two potential indicators of sewage leaking.
  • Sewer Backup
    When sewage is backing up into your home, it’s time to call a plumber in Fort Worth for a prompt sewer repair.

Video Pipe Inspection

If you are having problems with your sewer pipe such as sewage backup, slow drainage or blockages, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth. A video pipe inspection will identify and locate the problem for a prompt diagnosis, and repair. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Fort Worth will provide you with all the benefits of their expertise. When you need sewer pipe repair, drain or sewer pipe cleaning, or other plumbing repairs, or installation, give us a call. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serves Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.