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Sewer Line Repair | Plumbing Arlington

Sewer Line Repair | Plumbing Arlington

Sewer pipe problems are among the top most dreaded plumbing issues possible, especially when a sewer backup is occurring. Recognizing a developing problem enables you to call a plumber for sewer line repair, before a complete blockage occurs in your plumbing in Arlington.

Early Warning Signs

Some of the earliest warning signs of a drain or a sewer pipe issue developing include the following:

1)    Slow drainage – when slow drainage occurs in a solitary drain, a drain clog is likely. However, if all drains are slow to drain, the chances of the issue being in the sewer pipe are most likely. It is possible for both drain clogs and a sewer pipe problem to be present. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can resolve all your drainage issues, efficiently and effectively.

2)    Toilets have a direct path to the sewer pipe, and are the most likely to show early warning of a developing sewer pipe problem. Signs a toilet may exhibit include:

  1. a) If you flush the toilet and water comes back up in a sink, tub or shower a serious sewer clog is present, contact a plumber.
  2. b) Bubbling in the toilet or a drain may indicate sewer problems. Contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber.
  3. c) Foul odors can indicate serious sewer problems. However, it may also indicate a dried out trap. Infrequent use of a fixture, such as a shower, tub, or sink in an unused bathroom allows the water in the pipe trap to evaporate. Run water for a minute in the fixture, this will take care of a dried out trap. Blocked ventilation pipes on the roof can also cause sewer odor to back up into the room when the trap dries out. If the odor persists or is throughout the home, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber to repair your plumbing in Arlington.

Signs of Sewer Problems

Once a blockage builds, or the sewer pipe has other issues, additional signs may be present. Sewer pipe problems can go on for years before complete blockage occurs, depending on the cause. Some common signs of sewer pipe issues are as follows:

  • Water pooling on the lawn, a sewer odor may or may not be present
  • The grass over or near the sewer line may be unusually green and lush
  • Sunken areas may occur in the drain field
  • Toilets that will not flush and slow drains or drains that will not drain at all.
  • Waste water backs up in the home, and can potentially overflow

Sewer effluent is a source of illness causing bacteria and viruses, as well as a source of structural damage. Sewer backup is an emergency and requires the prompt service of a plumber to repair your home’s plumbing in Arlington.

Video Pipe Inspection

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing uses the advanced technology of video pipe inspection (also called a sewer camera), to determine the cause of drain or sewer pipe problems. Video pipe inspection enables our plumber to locate the problem, identify it, and its precise location in the home’s plumbing in Arlington. With this information, the plumber is able to determine the repair needed.

This technique will disclose if cleaning is required, and if a section, or the entire pipe needs to be repaired or replaced. The advanced tool allows our plumbers to focus in the area needed. A video pipe inspection can identify root intrusion or other types of clogs, separated sewer pipe, offset pipe joints, and collapsed or broken pipe in your home’s sewer plumbing in Arlington.

Tree roots are a common source of sewer pipe issues. In the tree’s search for water, tiny cracks in the sewer pipe can allow tree roots to invade the pipe, growing larger until a complete blockage occurs.

Hydro jetting cuts right through tough tree roots. Once the roots are removed, your Benjamin Franklin plumber in Katy will assess the damage caused by the roots with the sewer camera. Typically, trenchless pipe repaircan replace damaged or worn pipe, which will not require destructive excavation of your lawn and landscaping.

When a stubborn grease clog is the cause of a sewer pipe blockage, hydro jetting provides the most effective drain cleaning method available for your home’s waste water plumbing in Arlington. Furthermore, it is the only effective method for removing stubborn grease logs. It is also effective in removing tree roots, and other blockages. If your home’s drainage system has not been cleaned in the past few years, consider a professional cleaning of your home’s waste water plumbing in Arlington with hydro jetting.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington will provide you with exemplary service and all the benefits of their expertise. When you need sewer line repair, other plumbing repairs, or installation ofplumbing in Arlington, give us a call. We back our repairs with Benjamin Franklin’s exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.