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Sewer Lines and the Infiltration of Tree Roots | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

Sewer Lines and the Infiltration of Tree Roots | Plumbers in Fort Worth, TX

Which is the most complicated plumbing network in our plumbing system? The answer would be the sewer system. It is the most complex and problematic plumbing system installed in our houses. In other words, whenever a sewer system stops working or the line gets blocked, it impacts the entire house functionality in various ways. The same goes when a sewer system works slowly.

One of the major reasons for a clogged or choked sewer system is the negligence on the part of the homeowners. It is the negligence of residents that make the house a complete unlivable place due to blocked sewer lines.

Can you continue to live in your house despite clogged sewer system?

Certainly not! That is why in this post we will look at the major reasons for sewer blockage. Even though there are several reasons to face aclogged sewer line issue like flushing down larger items, no scheduled inspection, repair, andmaintenance, or frequent blockage from the main sewer line. Indeed, the most common cause of a blocked sewerage system is the infiltration of various tree roots.

If you are wondering how, then read on! In this post,we will look at the detailed information about the infiltration of tree roots.


Before we discuss the details, it is important to mention that everything passes through the main sewer line and then it goes into a water reclamation facility.


Thus, just like many other homeowners, if you too are habitual of flushing or draining wrong things, it may turn out to be a complete disaster for your house’s sewer line. This may even lead tomajor problems in the entire plumbing system. Thus, it is very necessary to get over with tree roots as, most t of the times, it becomes the root cause of a clogged sewer line.


As per the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, the solution is not to simply cut down all the trees or plants but to keep the surrounding clean. This inappropriate planting may turn out to be quite costly both in terms of hiring the expertise of plumbers in Fort Worth, TX and to replace or repair the blocked sewer line.

Root Problems Prevention

The only way to avoid the infiltration of tree roots is to prevent the situation in the first place. This can be done by avoiding planting trees in the surrounding area of your sewer line, as the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest.

The tree roots don’t take long to fully penetrate or make their way into your sewer line. In fact, once they do it, this becomes an expensive ordeal to get a permanent fix for the issue.

As per the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, some plants and trees are way harder and you may end up facing the same issue or even reclogged sewer line in just a matter of a year.  Thus, removing the roots from the sewer line surrounding is inevitable.

So whenever, you plan to plant trees in the house surrounding, be very vigilant in planting them away from the main sewer line. As per the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, you should also pay equal attention to the tree type that you prefer or plan to plant. For example, if your main sewer line is very close to the area you want to plant trees, choose smaller or shorter trees.

Such trees don’t spread out on a larger area like other trees or plants that have the tendency to spread at the larger area in the search of nutrient components.

Most of the times, plants or trees which are commonly planted on a dry infertile ground are much more resilient andconstantly search out better resources for nourishment. Also,they usually end up intruding or infiltrating the sewer lines. Thus, one way to avoid this infiltration is to install a root barrier, as the professional plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest.

In brief, you get the following options to avoid the roots infiltration in the sewer system;

  • Plant trees that have a small root system
  • Plant trees that use a nourished growing soil
  • Keep plants at a distance from your sewer line
  • Protect the sewer line by using root barriers


What do we mean by root barriers and deterrents?

As per the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, you cannot cut the trees all the time, regardless if they are infiltrating your sewer line. Sometimes there are trees in your neighborhood, several old trees along with curbside trees, that cannot be cut easily or without permission.


But these trees can still infiltrate your main sewer line and eventually your sewerage system.


So how can we avoid these intruders?


Well as per theplumbers in Fort Worth, TX, take additional measures and proactive approach and install root barriers in your sewer line surrounding. For the proper installation of the root barrier, you must ensure its proper installation. Not to mention, always hire the certified and experienced team of plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to perform this job.


What should be done now?

If you are currently facing the root infiltration issue into your sewer line, you must immediately take preventive measures before the main sewer line gets blocked, completely.

For this, take the professional assistance of plumbers in Fort Worth, TX. Always remember a clogged line has the tendency to damage various other components of your installed plumbing system. It not only creates a bad experience but also make your house quite unlivable due to clogged or slower drain lines.

So try to overcome the issue before it aggravates. For this take the assistance of one of the best plumbing service in Fort Worth, TX. Take the assistance of Benjamin Franklin.


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