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Should You Get a Tankless Water Heater in Arlington, TX?

Should You Get a Tankless Water Heater in Arlington, TX?

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Does your home require a new water heater?

Are you wondering whether you should go for a traditional water heater or a modern one?

Are you considering getting a tankless water heater in Arlington, TX?

If you have answered yes to any of the above-mentioned questions, then you are in the same boat where many people are confused about whether to choose a tankless water heater or not. You’d be asking yourself if installing a tankless water heater in Arlington, TX is the right choice or not.

Don’t worry. We have thoroughly analyzed its advantages and disadvantages and summarized it here for you.

A majority of the population has started replacing their traditional water heaters with a tankless water heater in Arlington, TX. Atankless water heater is based on new technology. However, depending on your priorities, household, and living style, it can be beneficial or vice versa.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of installing a tankless water heater in Arlington, TX.

1.1.   Pro–Energy Saving Feature

A tankless water heater in Arlington, TX has a greater capacity of heating water compared to traditional water heaters. Traditional water heaters are kept switched on throughout the day as it takes longer to heat the water. On the other hand, you only switch on a tankless water heater when heated water is required. It can save electricity at a significant rate and save your money in gas or electricity consumption.

1.2.   Con-Higher Initial Cost

Although installing a tankless water heater will save you money in the long run, its initial cost is more than the traditional ones. Based on new technology and the latest features, the price of tankless water heaters is higher and they are considered expensive. Middle-class families often complain about their costs by comparing them to standard water heaters. However, given its durability and energy saving in the long run, we can consider it as a worthy investment.

2.1.   Pro–Space Saving

A tankless water heater in Arlington, TX saves space. It is much smaller in size. It is installed within a bathroom, whereas a standard water heater requires a larger space. A tankless water heater can be as small as 28 inches tall and 20 inches wide. On the other hand, a standard water heater is on average 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide. This is an important benefit for people living in apartments where there’s limited space available.

2.2.   Con-Limited Flow of Water

Even though a tankless water heater in Arlington, TX could provide you hot water non-stop, it has a limited flow rate. It can be frustrating at the time when you are taking the shower. However, newer technology is trying to overcome this issue.

The flow rate of a tankless water heater depends upon its size, technology, and capacity. On average, it can deliver up to 2-5 gallons in a minute.

As there isn’t storage space in a tankless water heater, you can get an inconsistent flow of hot water if you are using it for multiple purposes.

If you have a big family, you might need to install more than one tankless water heaters to fulfill the needs of everyone.

3.1.   Pro-Fresh Hot Water

You will always get fresh hot water in a tankless water heater in Arlington, TX, unlike a traditional water heater where water is stored for long. Germs and bacteria usually grow in stored water. So, a tankless water heater reduces that risk.

Other than this, traditional water heaters are usually made from steel. The stored water can cause rust and make the water contaminated if stored for a long time. A tankless water heater doesn’t store a large quantity of water, thus you get cleaner and fresh hot water.

3.2.   Con-Water Softener Requirement

Notorious hard water can damage your new tankless water heater. It is recommended to use a water softener to avoid such effects.

4.1.   Pro-Longer Life Spam

Most tankless water heaters in Arlington, TX are long-lasting, durable, and extremely resilient. Their state-of-the-art technology and solid construction allow them to last for up to 20 years. In case any part doesn’t work, you can easily get it repaired. Its parts are readily available in the market and professional plumbers can also fix it easily and quickly.

4.2.   Con-Maintenance

One of the major disadvantages is that it requires high maintenance. You should get it installed from professional plumbers only. Proper maintenance increases the life of your water heater. Make sure to clean and flush it once in a month. Get the filters changed if required. If you go the extra mile when cleaning and maintaining your tankless water heater, it will only do you good in the longer run.

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