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Should You Have A Plumber Clean Your Restaurant Drains? | Grand Prairie, TX

Should You Have A Plumber Clean Your Restaurant Drains? | Grand Prairie, TX

Your restaurant drainage system is an extensive network of underground pipes from your hotel to the municipal main sewer system nearby. But did you know that your drainage system’s status has a bearing on the comfort of your Grand Prairie, TX restaurant and the health of your customers? If clogged or back flowing, pungent smells might find their way into your hotel, posing a significant hygiene issue. With a lot of waste being produced in the kitchen and bar areas, it only makes sense that you leave nothing to chance to prevent clogging and other drainage problems. This includes having a regular drain cleaning service, having the plumber install grease traps and sink stoppers, or even educating your staff on what should go into the sink.

Pest in the Water Pipes, Sinks, and Hotel Space

The restaurant business is highly regulated. From municipal authorities to health inspectors, many agencies regulate the workings of this industry. Hence, you must ensure that your hotel is clean and hygienic to pass the many inspections that happen from time to time. Imagine inspectors finding drain flies in your kitchen or bar area sink. Would they sign that you passed the inspection? Although you could address the issue of pests and drain flies by calling an exterminator, it would be better if you called a plumber for a drain cleaning service. This is because pests and drain flies indicate that your drains may be clogged.

Unpleasant Odors in Your Restaurant

As mentioned above, a clogged drainage system precipitates a pungent smell. Unfortunately, this smell might find its way onto your hotel, making the customers and staff uncomfortable. The stench is mainly from the grease and food residues that find their way to the restaurant drainage system, get trapped, and cannot wash away. Although you could be tempted to use DIY methods, such as baking soda or vinegar, to clean the drains, this may not be helpful for huge clogs. Hence, you should plumber professionally clean the drains to help you deal with this problem.

Slowly Flowing Restaurant Sink Drains

Are you the type of person who gets annoyed when your sinks fill up with water after you wash your hands or brush your teeth? The same could be said about your customers. Hence, you should ensure that the restaurant drains are flowing smoothly. If you note that only one sink in your restaurant is slow, this shows that the blockage is close to the surface. Such clogs are simple and can be easily cleared. However, if you’ve noticed that all your Grand Prairie, TX restaurant’s kitchen, bathrooms, and outside sinks start draining slowly all at once, this shows the blockage is in the main sewer line, which may be difficult to reach. In this scenario, you may need to consult a plumber for a drain cleaning service.

Gurgling Noises and Bubbles

Do you hear any sound when you pass near your restaurant bathroom or kitchen sink? Do you see any bubbling in the toilet or when the kitchen sink is full of water? That is a sign that you should have the drains inspected. It would be best to ignore any gurgling noises or bubbles emanating from your restaurant or hotel sinks or toilets because the problem may worsen, prompting you to have a plumber clean your drains

Endless Use of Liquid Drain Cleaners

Some homeowners use quick-fix methods when they have blockages in their drainage systems. Unfortunately, this habit could also be practiced by hotel staffers and servers when they notice that the kitchen or bar area sinks are clogged. They might use chemical drain cleaning agents or DIY plungers to clear the clogs to avoid complaints. Unfortunately, this will only cost you more as it could worsen the problem. Hence, you should talk to your servers and staffers about the importance of reporting any suspicions that the drains may be clogged so that you can talk to your plumber about the possibility of hydro jetting.

Backing Up Water in Restaurant Kitchen Drains and Toilets

Do you notice muddy, dark water backing up from your restaurant drains? This greatly impacts the hygiene and sanitation in your hotel, something that could make the health inspectors order that you close your business. Hence, water backing up from the restaurant kitchen sinks and toilets is an emergency you should address by calling a plumber near you. The backing up of water may signify a blocked drainage system and pose a severe health hazard to your clients and hotel guests.

Standing Water in Fixtures and or Appliances

In a single day, many people pass by your restaurant. They use a lot of water for handwashing or even bathing. So, what happens if the water doesn’t drain freely? It stagnates in the sinks, toilets, and hotel bathtubs. Combined with dust particles, the stagnating water will result in a foul stench in your restaurant, driving away customers and guests. These clogs might be from soap residues, hair, and other debris. The clogs will worsen if you have a plumber in Grand Prairie, TX clean the drains.

Your Restaurant Experiences Frequent Clogs

Those occasional clogs in your restaurant drainage or sewer system should not alarm you, but they should. A lot of waste could find its way into the drainage system in a hotel setting, including beer caps, food particles, table wipes, and fruit peels, among other forms of debris. Female sanitary materials and condoms can clog the toilets. Clogs caused by all these materials aren’t easy to remove by yourself. Therefore, it is essential to seek a drain cleaning service from a licensed plumber to ensure a smooth water flow in your household.

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