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Shower Doors | Plumbing Arlington

Shower Doors | Plumbing Arlington

Shower Doors | Plumbing Arlington

If your shower has a shower curtain and/or liner you know just how distasteful they can become with mold, mildew and hard water deposits. You have probably tried to keep it clean, you may even routinely clean it in the washing machine. Nevertheless, as we all know, it will still mildew and mold. If you are tired of fighting it, a new shower door is the solution and would be much easier to maintain and clean. Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today for prompt service on all of your plumbing in Arlington needs.

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A shower curtain simply will not keep all of the water inside of the shower where it belongs. This results in water escaping where it ends up on the floor. Over time, the water will damage the floor, and most likely the walls. If you have ever had this to happen, you already know how costly it is to have a floor, walls, and even the floor joists and wall frame replaced. Even worse, more than one wall and room may be involved. The cost of repair can be upwards of $20,000, or even more depending upon how much damage has occurred. A shower door will keep the water in the shower, and off of your floor.

There are other advantages of having a shower door vs. using a shower curtain, and these include decreasing the risk of a fall due to water in the floor. Very few shower stalls have a dome light, leaving you in a dimly lit area for your shower. A shower door will allow light to enter the shower stall, a benefit that you will certainly appreciate.

Shower doors are available in a wide variety of styles, and colors for your selection. You will even have the option of selecting from a variety of glass. Whether you are remodeling, or just refreshing your bathroom with new paint and upgrades of your plumbing in Arlington, consider the benefits of a shower door. A new shower door is a functional and aesthetic upgrade for the bathroom. Besides looking great, it is a benefit that will protect your investment from a leaking shower liner. When you are upgrading or remodeling a bathroom give us a call for a professional job with a professional finish. Our licensed plumbers will be glad to provide for all of your plumbing in Arlington needs.

Frameless shower doors are increasingly popular for the sophisticated style they provide. Constructed of thick tempered glass, frameless shower doors are extremely durable, bumping them when you shower will pose no problem. Frameless shower doors will make the room appear larger, and will allow the display of decorative tile and other features of the shower. They provide an instant and beautiful upgrade to complement your bathroom plumbing in Arlington. They are available in pivot or sliding doors.

Lacking the metal or plastic frame of typical shower doors makes them extremely easy to clean and maintain. They also provide the benefit of increasing your home’s value, an advantage if selling your home is a consideration. Frameless shower doors offer a variety of distinctive options in types of glass. This provides a seamless complement to the bathrooms décor and style, as well as any distinctive plumbing in Arlington features.

There are really only two disadvantages to frameless shower doors. The first is its upfront cost, which is higher than framed shower doors. However, since frameless shower doors will last 3 to 4 times longer than framed shower doors, over the long run, they provide more value than framed shower doors. This is especially true if you need a shower door that opens inward. Many frameless shower doors will open inward or outward, a feature not found on framed shower doors. This can provide a distinct advantage for your plumbing in Arlington needs.

The second disadvantage is that frameless shower doors should only be installed by a professional. Due to the increased weight of the doors, installation must be correct. Many of them are designed for a precise fit for the opening to ensure no water escapes, this requires specialized installation for proper installation.

Whether you select a framed or frameless shower door, both will provide an aesthetic upgrade, increased home value, as well as provide the benefits of protecting the floors, walls and the structure of your home.

A step up from the glass shower door is the glass shower enclosure. These provide the ultimate light and display of the shower’s aesthetic features, such as tile and stylish plumbing in Arlington fixtures. When your shower is a beautiful feature of tiling and fixtures, a glass shower enclosure is just the thing to allow for its display. Perhaps you prefer to maintain your privacy, but want the ease of cleaning glass provides, and the strength of tempered glass. Glass shower enclosures, as well as glass shower doors, provide a variety of privacy glass options with the strength and ease of cleaning frameless glass.

Care of frameless shower doors is easy. Some manufacturers recommend using a rubber type sponge to wipe it down after use, others recommend using a squeegee after use to keep it free of water spots and mineral deposits. Still others offer frameless shower doors whose glass is sealed during manufacturing with a product called Shower Guard. Shower Guard is a patented technology that seals the glass against any corrosive effects for life. It never has to be reapplied, and keeps the glass clear and blemish free for a permanent view of beautiful tile and the stylish plumbing in Arlington you selected.

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