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The Signs and Causes of Gas Leaks |Plumbing Service in Burleson, TX

The Signs and Causes of Gas Leaks |Plumbing Service in Burleson, TX

Have you ever had a gas leak in your Burleson home? if you have then you’d know well that a gas leak can occur out of the blue and at the worst of times. And, when this happens, a gas leak can not only cause damage to your home piping, but can also make the lives of your family and other people in your home less safe. This makes it crucial for homeowners in Burleson, TX to know the signs and causes of gas leaks. With that knowledge, you can call in a plumber in Burleson, TX early so that any potential damage can be avoided.

Since gas leaks can lead to many different negative possibilities, it is extremely important to detect it early and then call in plumbers in Burleson, TX immediately to fix it. This can only happen if you are aware of the signs of gas leaks. If you’re among the majority and have little to no idea about how to detect gas leaks then you need to read on because we are going the 3 signs that you have a gas leak in your home.

Bad Odor

The First sign that you may have a gas leak in your home is bad odor. It is likely that have a gas leak in your home if your place emits a sulfuric odor. By nature, natural gas does not have any smell. However, to ensure safety, the gas may mix with an additive to smell like a rotten egg. In case you notice such a smell emanating from your home, call a service that performs plumbing in Burleson, TX to check your home for leaks and have the gas shut-off.

In its natural state, natural gas is scentless, making it somewhat similar to carbon dioxide. However, unlike CO2, natural gas isn’t a combustion byproduct. Instead, this gas is something we make a part of our home by will and knowingly. This in turn means that you can take some precautions. So, when you smell the additive of the natural gas in your home, start dialing the number of a plumber in Burleson, TX.

Blowing Dirt

This is one of the signs of a gas leak that may be overlooked completely. This sign of a gas leak may not be as strong as the smell of natural gas but you should look out for it nonetheless. Dirt can be forced up away from the ground when gas leaks out of your property’s buried gas line. You should have the gas line checked out by a service that performs gas line repair in Burleson, TX if you see your property blowing dirt upward.

Dying Vegetation

One should not be surprised by the fact that natural gas is not exactly favorable to flora. Is your gas line leaking gas? One way to find this out is looking for poisoned vegetation in the vicinity. If you do find such flora, then the reason for it may well be a leak in your gas line. There is a good chance that you have a gas leak if you notice dying bushes or yellow spots in the yard.

There you have it—the 3 signs of a gas leak. Now that you know how you can detect a gas leak in your home, it is time to move onto the causes of gas leaks in Burleson, TX.


There is a good chance that your home boasts appliances that generate heat with the help of propane or natural gas. These appliances may include fireplace, dryer, stove, or water heater. Ove time, the seals connecting and holding the appliances’ piping can corrode and wear out. When this happens, you are likely to have gas leaks in your home. Also, some appliances may develop faults and prevent the gas from igniting. Laundry machines or stoves that ignite the gas with a speak are examples of such appliances. The gas can escape into the home if you forget to turn off the knob of the gas, making it necessary to call in plumbers in Burleson, TX.

Faulty Piping

The gas found in your appliances’ pipe connectors make its way to the appliances via crisscrossing pipes present beneath your home.  Over time, the piping system can develop faults and start corroding. At times, the pipes will simply become old and disconnect. On other occasions, they may get disconnected due to an external factor such as surrounding tree roots. A common sight in older homes, poor piping can cause gas to enter your home.

Entering from the outside, the gas in the connector pipes of the appliances in your home can develop faults or erode, causing the pipes to either lose their seal or break off over time due to wear and tear. All this ultimately leads to gas leaks in your home which can only be fixed by calling in a professional plumber in Burleson, TX.

Ventilation Problems

When appliances that produce heat start to malfunction, expect emission of high levels of carbon dioxide. A byproduct of appliances and other items that generate heat, CO2 cannot be eliminated using a chimney or exhaust fan in large items such as a home heating system. However, CO2 can build up inside a home if the chimney becomes clogged or if something goes wrong with the exhaust fan.

Since CO2 is odorless, it is extremely important to monitor the levels of carbon dioxide in your home from time to time. You can take help for this from a service that performs gas line repair in Burleson, TX. If you don’t do this, then you may run the risk of fir or even an explosion in your home.

The aforementioned-things are the 3 most common causes of gas leaks in homes. If you notice any of the 3 signs of gas leaks mentioned above in your home, call in plumbers in Burleson, TX right away. One such service with years of experience is Benjamin Franklin in Burleson, TX.