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Signs It’s Time To Call A Plumber To Fix A Gas Leak In Your Home | Fort Worth, TX

Signs It’s Time To Call A Plumber To Fix A Gas Leak In Your Home | Fort Worth, TX

A gas leak can be a serious safety hazard for any home. Not only can it create an explosive environment, but gas leaks also pose a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Knowing the signs of a gas leak is the first step to protecting your home and family from this dangerous situation. Let’s explore seven signs that you may have a gas leak in your home.


An unusual odor is one of the most common signs of a gas leak. Natural gas has an acrid smell like rotten eggs or sulfur, so you’ll easily recognize it. Most gas companies add a chemical that gives the gas a strong, distinctive smell so you can detect it. If you start to smell something strange and unlikeable, open windows and doors for ventilation, take your pets with you outside, and leave your house as soon as possible. While doing this, make sure not to turn on lights or any electrical switches. You don’t want to ignite the gas in the air from a possible leak. Call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to come and check for a gas leak, as it’s not safe to stay in the house until it’s fixed.

Hissing or Whistling Sounds

Have you ever heard an unusual hissing or whistling noise in your home? There is no better sign that you have a gas leak than hearing a hissing or whistling sound. When a gas line begins leaking natural gas, this sound can be emitted from the leaking pipe. It’s caused by the movement of pressurized gas in the line. It’s important to note that this sound may not be audible if the space where the leak occurs is enclosed (e.g., inside walls). Nevertheless, if you hear a hissing or whistling noise, no matter how faint it is, contact a plumber immediately to help find and repair the leak. Do not put yourself in danger before the professional arrives; just open windows to let fresh air enter your house and evacuate if necessary.

Dead or Dying Plants

Plants are a great way to decorate your home, and they also help bring fresh air inside while absorbing toxins like carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. So, it’s concerning when plants start dying or looking wilted and sickly – because that would signify a gas leak in your home. Gas leaks can create an atmosphere of low oxygen that’s dangerous for plants. If your houseplants start to lose their vibrancy or don’t look healthy even though you’re watering them regularly, call a plumber and ask them to check for a gas leak. You could be experiencing a dangerous situation in your home, and your plants are the first to alert you.


Lightheadedness is a sign many people easily overlook when it comes to detecting a gas leak in their homes. When a gas leak occurs, it can create a space with low oxygen. Lightheadedness is often accompanied by fatigue, an overall feeling of illness, or even headaches. It is important to be mindful of these mild symptoms and take action if they linger or worsen. You may have a gas leak when you start feeling lightheaded or experiencing any other symptoms mentioned, especially if they come suddenly and unexpectedly or when you enter a particular room or area of your home. Try to leave the area as quickly and safely as possible, then call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to come and check your home.

Reduced Pressure on Appliances

If you notice a significant drop in the pressure from your appliances, this might indicate a gas leak in your home. This could be caused by a damaged pipe, appliance connection, or even an intentional break-in. Therefore, taking action immediately when you notice this issue is important. You should call a plumber to investigate the cause of this reduced pressure and fix the problem. Sometimes, the issue may not be leaking but instead a faulty appliance, which is also dangerous and requires professional help to be fixed. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to call an expert plumber who can help you identify and repair the issue before it leads to more serious problems.

Higher than Normal Bills

High gas bills are usually a sign that something is wrong in your home, from an overworked appliance to a leak in your gas line. While it can be easy to ignore a slightly higher-than-normal bill, if you notice the bills continue to rise each month, something more serious may be happening in your home. If you suddenly see an abnormally large spike in your monthly bills without any explanation, then this could indicate that there is either something wrong with your meter or with the lines themselves. You should call a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX to come and investigate the cause of this sudden jump in your gas bills. Acting quickly could save you money in the long run.

Don’t Wait Until Disaster Strikes

A gas leak can be very dangerous if left undetected and unchecked. However, with some knowledge about what signs to look out for, homeowners can take steps toward preventing disaster before it strikes! Pay attention to any of the above signs and take action if you suspect a gas leak in your home. Calling a plumber to investigate can save your family from harm and expensive repairs. Do not hesitate to call a plumbing professional regarding your safety and that of others in your home.

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