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Signs of Frozen Water Pipes and How to Unfreeze Them | Plumber in Arlington, TX

Signs of Frozen Water Pipes and How to Unfreeze Them | Plumber in Arlington, TX

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Here comes winter and here comes the dreaded problem of frozen water pipes. Various reasons cause your water pipes to freeze. Some of them are:

  • An inadequate insulation,
  • A malfunctioning thermostat, or
  • A faulty taping.

Frozen pipes not only bring inconvenience, but also a greater risk of damage. They can be dangerous.  Frozen water can crack, split or bust the pipes causing huge damages to your property. As the owner of the house, it is your responsibility to ensure that the pipes aren’t frozen.

Plumbers in Arlington, TX can help you to identify the water pipes that have a greater chance of freezing. Some pipes are more vulnerable to freezing than others depending upon it’s material, location and construction style of your home. People usually become surprised when they get to know that their basement water pipes have frozen. Plumbers in Arlington, TX have told that it is because the basement portion usually receives inadequate heat compared to the other portions of the property.

As temperature drops, water meters inside and outside homes can also freeze. This makes the job difficult to know whether the water pipes have started freezing or not.

Signs of Frozen Water Pipes

Even though it can be hard to figure out if the water pipes have started freezing, some clues can be used to identify them.

1.     External Temperature

Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This means until and unless the external temperature drops that much, water will not freeze in the pipes. If temperature drops to that level, start the precautionary measures and prevent yourself from later problems.

2.     Strange Smell

You would notice an odd smell from a faucet and drain if the pipes start blocking out. Call plumbers in Arlington, TX and take their advice.

3.     External Frost

Even if your water pipe hasn’t frozen and water is running inside the pipe, you can notice external frost on the pipes when the temperature drops. Accumulated frost on the exterior of the water pipes is an easy to identify sign. It gives a red alert. Check your washroom and kitchen sink, along with other pipes that are inside your house.

4.     Uneven Water Supply

An uneven water supply during winter also signals for the frozen pipes. It means water has started freezing causing blockage. If you notice an uneven and slow water supply, call plumbers in Arlington, TX to further assessment.

5.     Damp Walls

Frozen pipes can lead to cracks, leaks and split in the pipes. Check out for damp walls or wet carpeting. In such a situation, you would require plumbers in Arlington, TX to repair the pipes.

Given this, you would be wondering how to unfreeze the frozen pipes. Don’t worry; we have covered it for you.

How to Unfreeze the Frozen Pipes

1.     Heat the Pipe

One of the easiest methods is to heat that section of the pipe which is frozen. You can use electric heaters or wrap the pipe with an electronic heating pad. You can also use a hot water-soaked towel as the first step. Ensure your safety during the process. Call professional plumbers in Arlington, TX, who can help you and fix the issue.

You can apply heat tape. Plumbers in Arlington, TX have reported that hairdryer has also been effective in such a situation. But remember not to apply any heat greater than 60 degrees Celsius as the PVC pipes will be damaged.

2.     Open the Faucet

Keep your faucets open. It will allow them a discharge. The heating process will create running water or steam, and a proper discharge system or opening must be maintained.

3.     Salt Usage

Salt can lower the melting point of the ice. However, know its precautions from plumbers in Arlington, TX as it can burst if done wrongly.

4.     Don’t Use Kerosene Heater

It is important to know the things that you should not use at that time. Some materials can create further damage. Don’t use kerosene heaters or blowtorch.

Similarly, you can only use the space heater if there isn’t any flammable material close by.

5.     Exterior Temperature

If the frozen pipe is located inside your home, you can turn the heat up in the property. Your home heaters can thaw a frozen pipe and remove the ice blockages inside the water pipes.

6.     Act Quickly

If you have observed the sign of a frozen pipe, don’t delay. Act quickly and call at 817-983-7876 to book plumbers. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a quick plumbing service company. We value your time and will immediately send you licensed professional plumbers in Arlington, TX to unfreeze the frozen pipe. We are committed and dedicated to our work and which can be proved by our constant A+ rating.

As the owner of the house, make sure to save your home from greater inconvenience and damage. Check our website now!