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Signs That Water Line Repair May Be In Your Future | Arlington, TX

Signs That Water Line Repair May Be In Your Future | Arlington, TX

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Until you have a problem you probably won’t notice that there is an issue with your water line. In fact, most people don’t even think about water line repair in Arlington, TX as something they will ever have to deal with. However, once you discover that you need water line repair it is the only thing you will think about. Unfortunately, since your water line has to be dug 8-10 feet under the ground digging it out and replacing it is not a simple prospect. Having the right team of experts by your side does not have to be intimidating, but it is helpful if you have some time to prepare for it.

It is always better to get ahead of water line repair so that you can plan for the replacement and make the proper accommodations versus waking up one day to find that you have a flooded front yard and no access to water within your home. While water mains do break, they generally do not break without giving any indication to homeowners beforehand. The following is a list of signs that you need a repair that is good to familiarize yourself with.

You may not notice any of these signs now, which is great and means your water line is probably functioning properly and is not damaged. However, that can change as the years pass, so reading this list will help you down the line when small signs start popping up. Keep in mind that this is just a shortlist of signs that indicate water line repair is imminent. There are always others so if you have any reason to be worried about your water line in Arlington, TX it is a good idea to give your local plumber a call to discuss the things you are noticing and what can be done.

Noisy Plumbing Fixtures or Taps

Outside of occasionally hearing the water rush through the pipes, you should never really hear your plumbing system working. If you hear occasional noises coming from your pipes this can indicate an issue. A one-time noise is usually not something to be too concerned about, especially when it comes to water line repair, but if you hear noises continually then it may be time to take a closer look into the matter.

In particular, banging noises coming from your pipes when you open the tap is deeply concerning. Also concerning is if you hear any gurgling coming from your toilet or sinks when you are using the other. For instance, if you flush the upstairs toilet and can see the gurgling coming out of the first-floor bathroom or if you turn on the kitchen sink and notice water start to bubble in the bathroom sink.

The gurgling is caused by air bubbles that are trapped in the line somewhere, and there should never be any trapped air. The only way for air pockets to form is if there is a hole in the line allowing it in or an obstruction. Neither is a great scenario. At this point, you will need to call an Arlington, TX plumber to narrow down the issue and potentially perform water line repair.

Constant Clogs

Recurring clogs are one of the biggest signs that you may have an issue with your water line. If you frequently have to deal with clogs that require a plumber to come out to your home and the cause is still unknown there is a good chance this is a point towards the need for water line repair. After a while, the plumber and your plunger are going to fail.

If all of the obvious issues have already been ruled out and you tend to have good drain hygiene, it’s not unreasonable to start talking to your plumber about water line repair. This is even more true if it has been over a decade or two since anything has been done with your main water line. Like any other piece of piping, even with proper maintenance, good habits, and solid construction, it will start to corrode and break down. This is an unavoidable fact of life for a homeowner, and if water line repair is in your future it is a better idea to do it now versus paying to fix clog after clog.

Pooling Water in Your Arlington, TX Yard

Not all of the signs that you need water line repair are clearly evident from inside your home. This sign actually is easiest to see from outside. If you notice that there is water pooling in your front yard or puddles where there usually aren’t any and it hasn’t rained in awhile this could be a sign that your water line is cracked or damaged. The sun naturally draws moisture towards it so if your water main is leaking the water will be pulled up above the soil.

If the problem is just starting there may not be enough water to visibly see puddles, but you might notice that the grass above the water main is extra thick, green, or growing much rapidly than the rest of the yard due to the extra water. Some people will notice that their bushes or front trees are starting to grow at a massive rate.

Higher Than Usual Water Bills

Following this train of thought, a high water bill when you have not been using extra water is a good indication that there is a leak in your home. If you notice your high water bill with a sign such as the puddles in your front yard then it becomes a very safe bet that you need water line repair. Even if you are not sure that a water line leak is a leak that is causing your water bill to go sky high, you need to call a plumber to come out and investigate.

A sudden jump in your water bill when there is no other reasonable explanation is almost always related to a leak somewhere in your home and requires immediate attention. Not only will you keep paying a higher water bill for as long as the leak goes unattended too, but the leak itself can become a burst pipe. Even a small leak that remains a small leak can damage drywall, flooring, ceiling, and any other area around it allowing mold and bacteria to fester behind your walls. Therefore, whether it is a water line repair or a plumbing issue from inside of the home, you need to take proper action if your water bill is high in Arlington, TX.

Sudden Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Low water pressure can be caused by a lot of things, but rapid drops in water low pressure often point towards your main water line. One easy way to troubleshoot the issue is by testing out several drains in your home to pinpoint if this is a local issue or a global one. If you notice low water pressure in your home try out the sinks on your first floor and then try out the second-floor sinks. If there is only a problem in one room then it may be a localized water pressure issue, but if you notice water pressure issues everywhere this may indicate it is time for water line repair.

Another quick test is to compare the water pressure of your hot water versus your cold water. Take turns turning on the taps and look to see if the water pressure is the same. If only your hot water is affected then there is a good chance that the problem stems from your hot water heater, but if you notice that both your cold and hot water taps are affected then once again the problem may point to your water line.

A lot of things can block the water line leading to a full blockage or a partial blockage that will slow down the rate that water is able to get into your home. A sudden decrease is usually a sign of a major issue since something had to cause the sudden drop versus a gradual decrease.

It is best to talk to someone skilled in water line repair about this issue to determine if the waterline may in fact be the issue. You can try a regulator to boost the water pressure, but if a blockage like tree roots in your piping is responsible for the issue then even a regulator is not going to help.

What to Expect During Water Line Repair

If you discover that your water line is damaged, you may be apprehensive about water line repair. Knowing what to expect can help make the price a bit more palatable and the process easier to understand. Given the fact that the current piping is buried under the ground, the process is not simple nor is it easy which is why it is very important that you only allow a professional service to handle the job. The company should have professional plumbers and excavators on staff to ensure that the replacement or repair is made with as little disruption to your yard as possible.

Before the repair or replacement starts, the company you choose for your water line repair should obtain any necessary permits from your local government so that when they arrive everything is set to go. The first thing the team will do is locate the water supply and then identify any potential issues that may hinder them as they dig down to it such as stumps or large tree roots. If an excavator has to work around a lot of these obstacles the price tag will likely go up as will the anticipated timeline. In addition, if a jackhammer has to be used to break up bedrock or concrete near your Arlington, TX home this will also slow down the process and increase the price.

Usually, the depth of the water line is mandated by the local municipality, so the new line will be placed at the exact same depth. Obviously, the depth will play a role in the length of the process, but generally, water lines are hidden six to ten feet under the ground. If you have any concerns about your sewer line it may be wise to consider replacement or repair at the same time so that you do not have to pay for separate excavation down the road. Plus, it will take at least a year for your yard to recover after the process, so you don’t want to destroy it twice.

Depending on where you live and the codes of the municipality or HOA, either PVC, PEX, or copper will be used during the water line repair. In some areas, it gets too cold for PVC, and in other areas, the presence of sandy soil or gravel in the ground is too corrosive for copper. When you work with a professional company they can make the best choice based on your ground conditions in Arlington, TX.

Finally, if all of this sounds overwhelming, but you don’t have any water line issues yet you may want to consider buying water service line insurance. A lot of local governments offer this insurance as an add-on to insurance while others can opt-in via their homeowner’s insurance. It is a good way to save you from an unexpected cost that needs to be dealt with since you have to have water in your home.

If you are concerned that water line repair is in your future or have experienced one of the problems listed above, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing serving Arlington, TX a call. We would be glad to come out to assess the situation and walk you through the process if the problem is indeed caused by your water line.