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Signs to Repair or Replace a Water Heater | Fort Worth

Signs to Repair or Replace a Water Heater | Fort Worth

Water Heater Replacement | Water Heater Repair Fort Worth

Like any appliance, water heaters will eventually break down. No one enjoys taking a cold shower, and the ideal situation is when a failing water heater provides signs in advance of a big leak. If you are lucky enough for this to occur, it provides a warning that it may be time for water heater replacement before worse problems can develop, such as a large leak and water damage to your home. So how do you know if you need replacement or water heater repair in Fort Worth? Here are a few clues to be aware of.

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Signs to Replace: Age

As a hot water heater ages the potential for a breakdown increases. The chemistry of your water supply and the amount of maintenance provided on the water heater will play a role in the appliance’s longevity. Hard water, a lack of maintenance and ignoring the need for hot water heater repair in Fort Worth will significantly shorten its service life and reduce efficiency.

Signs to Replace: Rust and Corrosion

Inspect the hot water routinely for the presence of rust and corrosion. Furthermore, if the water appears rusty or discolored it can mean there is rust inside the tank. While there may be other causes of rust colored water, such as corroded galvanized pipe, rust can indicate the tank has failed and water heater repair in Fort Worth will not help the appliance. Leaks inevitably follow rust and the water heater will need to be replaced.

Signs to Replace: Leaking Hot Water Heater

While a leak can possibly be caused by a leaking component that may be repairable, leaks may also indicate an internal problem and a high probability that the water heater will require replacement. If your water heater is leaking, even a small amount of water can damage floors, subfloors and walls. A small leak has the potential to turn into a catastrophic flood leading to significant and costly damage to the home, and health threatening mold and mildew.

If you have recently flushed sediment from the tank and water is leaking from the drain valve, try tightening it. If the leak continues, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to provide water heater repair in Fort Worth.

Once you have ensured the source of the leak is the hot water heater turn off the power supply, then turn off the water supply and contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber.

The Decision to Repair or Replace

A professional plumber is the best source for identifying the cause of a leak, and the determination of whether to provide water heater repair in Fort Worth or to replace the appliance. On the positive side of hot water heater replacement, today’s water heater will be more energy efficient than an aging one, saving your household money on the cost of hot water production.

If saving energy is a key factor in the selection of a hot water heater for your home, consider tankless water heaters. A tankless water heater eliminates the loss of energy by producing hot water when it is needed, rather than reheating water in a tank repeatedly until it is used as in a conventional water heater.

Under normal conditions and with proper maintenance a tankless water heater can last significantly longer than a conventional water heater. A Benjamin Franklin plumber will be able to assist you in deciding if a tankless water heater is an option for your home.

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