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Signs That Your Water Heater Requires Repair – Burleson, TX

Signs That Your Water Heater Requires Repair – Burleson, TX

The winters here in Burleson TX have been quite intense this season. This cold weather affects the integrity of water heaters, which are one of the most important components of a plumbing system. With time, the internal parts of water heaters start corroding and slowly deteriorate. This is due to the fact that the water heater keeps flushing out water while operating, and this causes a gradual buildup of minerals which affects the efficiency of the heater itself.

The average life span of water heaters is approximately 10 – 15 years, and after that, they have to be replaced. But this can be avoided if homeowners start watching out for the signs that the water heater requires repairs. If these signs are diagnosed at the right time, it can save people a lot of money on extensive repairs or replacement costs. Some of the most profound signs that your water heater requires repairs are as follows:

No Hot Water

This is the most common sign that indicates you require water heater repair. The most generic water heaters have the capacity to store around 50 gallons of water. When the water starts getting heated, it deposits minerals at the bottom of the tank. With time, the amount of mineral deposits increases and this obstructs the heat from reaching the water. When the heat stops reaching the water, it starts heating the tank, which causes the parts to deteriorate at a faster pace.

The Water Heater Makes Noise

This is another prominent sign that you should consider water heater repair. The mineral deposit causes the tank to heat. This affects the integrity of the tank and it starts making that weird popping noise. At the same time when the tank starts overheating it causes leaks and a whole host of other problems.

The Connections Have Started To Corrode

Every water heater has an anode rod that prevents corrosion. This anode rod with time starts to deplete due to natural corrosion. Once depleted every element of the water tank is affected and the connections start to corrode and the water heater will finally fail. Regular water heater repair and maintenance is required to make sure the anode does not completely deplete.

Leaking Water Tank

The minerals that deposit on the bank of the tank cause all sorts of trouble but it affects the integrity of the tank the most. When the tank over heats it causes metal fatigue, this fatigue weakens the tanks structure and the surface starts cracking. Even one single crack in the tank will hamper to efficiency of the water heater and will cause the water to keep leaking.

The Water Smells Or Is Dirty

Another prominent sign which indicates that you require water heater repair is if the water smells or is dirty. The minerals present in the bank start seeping into the main water stream and pollute the water. If the water in your home has started smelling weird or has a metallic taste then the water heater can break down anytime. Basically, the water starts discoloring due to rust and sediments that are present inside of the tank.

The Temperature Of The Water Heater Will Not Adjust

In some cases, the water heater will still provide hot water, but the temperature gauge stops working. So even if you adjust the thermostat it will not affect the temperature of the water. This is another sign that indicates the water heater is about to break down.

Low Water Pressure

If the water pressure of your tank is low, then this is another sign indicating that you may require water heater repair. There are many different reasons why the water heater might be producing low levels of hot water; some of the most prominent reasons are highlighted below.

  • Shut of valve has malfunctioned
  • The water is clogged due the sediments that accumulate
  • The dip tube has clogged with sediments and mineral deposits
  • The faucet valve has malfunctioned
  • The faucet stem is clogged

Relief Valve Is Dribbling Water

When the relief valve starts dribbling water this is either because the spring in the relief valve has gotten weak due to normal wear and tear. Or this could also happen if the water pressure is to high, this will require installing an expansion tank.

Pilot Will Not Light To Its Full Potential

This is also another common sign that indicates it is time for water heater repair. The pilot base slowly deteriorates with time, this weakens the base and the pilot light will keep flickering or settle at a very low flame.

If your water heater displays any of these signs above then the only way out of this situation is by hiring a water heater repair in Burleson TX that provides sublime services. Although in some cases some trouble shooting steps may identify the problem, it is not recommended that you try repairing the unit on your own. Water heaters are sensitive and one slight miscalculation can have serious implications, this is why you should leave it for the professionals.

These professionals have attained a degree of expertise in their line of work and have all the qualifications required repairing a water heater. Besides this, only professionals have the equipment required and are trained with the latest techniques to repair a water heater to perfection. If your water heater is causing problems then we would definitely recommend that you contact a local water heater repair service in Burleson TX, so that you can save the cost of having the heater replaced in the future.

These repairs will not cost that much and compared to the current prices of heaters in the market to, these repairs are worth every penny. For people out there who are looking for water heater repair in Burleson, TX simply utilize the internet to find the most acclaimed in your area. Make sure that the services you hire are provided by licensed and trained professionals who have all the necessary skills to complete the job to perfection.