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Signs You Need a Plumber in Arlington, TX, for Your Garbage Disposal System

Signs You Need a Plumber in Arlington, TX, for Your Garbage Disposal System

Do you regularly have to call a plumber for your garbage disposal system? Do you wish to limit these repairs? Do you want a plumber in Arlington, TX who can solve your issues once and for all?

A kitchen is one of the most exhausted areas of the home. It is used daily for a large number of home chores, like cooking food, dishwashing, and other routine tasks. As a result, a lot of food goes into the waste systems. These wastes can originate from different sources. It can be the leftover food or it can be from a bottle of cooking oil.

Often these wastes go into the drains and that results in clogged drains in the kitchen. Fortunately, with the advent of the garbage disposal system, your waste can be managed. However, a garbage disposal system requires care and attention so it can assist you in kitchen chores for a long period of time. Thus, you will have to look out for any signs of problems with it in order to notify a plumber in Arlington, TX at the right time.


The most obvious sign of a problem with the garbage disposal system is its inability to turn on. In such a case, your first bet should be to check if there is an electrical issue. Check your electrical outlet and electrical system to see if anything is wrong. If everything turns out to be fine, then an internal component of your disposal system has been damaged. There can be a problem in the system’s motor, which may have blown out, or maybe there is an issue with the disposal’s blades. However, the final judgment about the problem and the repairs should be in the hands of a certified and experienced plumber in Arlington, TX.


Often a spoon or any other item from silverware can accidentally go into the disposal, which can then cause metallic sounds. Such a noise can be easily eliminated by using a torch to look inside the system and removing the object. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the internal components of the disposal are not aligned and become entangled with each other. While at times garbage disposals make a screeching sound when something is stuck in it, at other times this sound is caused by a motor problem or the shifting of the grates.

Unfortunately, such cases require the expertise of a professional. Therefore, a plumber in Arlington, TX is what you need. They will inspect your disposal system and eliminate any unwanted noises.


How often do you click the reset button?

The reset functionality on the disposal is designed for rare cases, and it should be used when the appliance’s workload becomes excessive. It is not meant to be used regularly. However, if you feel that you are using the button more than usual, then something is wrong with your disposal, and you have a valid reason to worry.

Like all other appliances, a garbage disposal system also has a limited lifespan. When a disposal system becomes too old, its performance weakens considerably and the need to reset the system increases.  Thus, have a plumber in Arlington, TX take a look at your disposal system so that they can find out if your disposal system needs to be replaced or if it can be improved through a repair.

Never Ending Clogs

Do you feel that your disposal system is not draining things properly? Is it always clogged? Sometimes, a disposal system is over-used to such an extent that no matter how little food you try passing down the drain, you still face a clog.

If you are facing such issues, then you should realize that the issue is not related to your cleaning habits but it may have been stemming from your appliance’s capacity. Sometimes, homeowners purchase smaller disposal systems than needed. In this case, disposal systems cannot function because of excessive load. In such a case, you will have to consult a plumber in Arlington, TX as they can guide you to install a garbage disposal system according to your home’s requirement.


What if a guest walks into your kitchen and is greeted with an unpleasant smell? Certainly, you would like to avoid such a scenario.

It is usual for a garbage disposal to reek. Because they accommodate food waste, there is nothing wrong with a bad smell coming from a disposal. These smells can be eliminated through a quick cleaning.

However, if you continuously fail in your effort to remove the smell from your disposal, then only a professional plumber in Arlington, TX can save you from such a predicament. An expert can tinker with the appliance without harming it and can easily remove any trapped food particle that causes the smell.

Unfortunately, sometimes people avoid calling professionals and damage their appliance through the use of chemical liquids. These liquids may solve the situation for the time being, but they can lead to bigger expenses as they harm the quality of the internal components of the disposal system.

Aged Blades

The use of a garbage disposal cannot be understated. They have to constantly break down your food to maximize the productivity of your kitchen. However, this productivity can decrease if a disposal system’s  blade becomes weak. Ineffective blades mean that your garbage disposal will take twice as much time for the decomposition of food. Hence, consult a plumber in Arlington, TX who can either help you change the blades or install a new system in case the old one is beyond repair.

Final Thoughts

If you find any of the above-mentioned problems, then you should require the services of the best plumber in Arlington, TX. Therefore, contact Benjamin FranklinOur experienced team can identify the problem with your garbage disposal system and can assist you in the repair as well as the installation of a garbage disposal system. Moreover, we will provide you with tips and suggestions that will help you get the most out of your garbage disposal system and ensure long-lasting performance.