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Signs You Need A Professional Plumber For Drain Cleaning Services and Their Benefits | Mansfield, TX

Signs You Need A Professional Plumber For Drain Cleaning Services and Their Benefits | Mansfield, TX

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Many homeowners think little concerning their drains until they stop working or get clogged. At that point, the drains become an issue. You do not take long to tire from struggling with the slow drains. At worst, you cannot even use the sink because the drain is clogged fully.

Some DIY remedies may work before your drain is too backed up. Using professional drain cleaning services is the best way to clean your drains. There are many benefits of using professional services to clean your drains.

So, what signs should you look for to know whether you need professional drain cleaning services in Mansfield, TX? How will you benefit from hiring a professional plumber to clean your drains? Continue reading for the answers to these questions. But before diving deeper, we begin by explaining what drain cleaning is.

What Is Drain Cleaning?

It is a vital plumbing service that prevents backups and clogs in your drains by removing all blockages. Your drains need to be regularly cleaned by professionals. Professional drain cleaning does not involve using harsh chemicals which may react adversely with the environment and pipes.

Signs Your Drains Need Cleaning

Have you cleaned your drains recently? If you do not remember the last time you cleaned your drains or some time has passed since you last cleaned them, the time for servicing and cleaning the drains may be overdue. Below are some signs you should look out for to know when a call to your plumber is necessary.

When Your DIY Cleaning Methods Have Failed

Homeowners should clean their drains from materials that can cause backups, clogging, and other plumbing problems. It can be as simple as pouring hot water into the drain. However, these DIY techniques will not always lead to the desired results.

DIY drain cleaning methods only clean mild clogs. There may be a slow buildup of minerals in the drains’ piping, which you may have avoided by calling your plumbing company for professional drain cleaning. Are your drains getting clogged frequently? If the clogging or backup has become more severe, the time is ripe for professional drain cleaning. Always bank on professional cleaning of your drains to yield the best results.

Slow Drain

If your drain takes a long to flush, this is a big sign you need to get it cleaned. A slow drain means the drainpipe has a blockage, and if you do not clean it on time, it may get clogged. There are two types of materials that cause blockage in a drainpipe; non-flushable and flushable items.

Are your drains flushing at a slower rate than usual? Contact a Mansfield, TX plumber for inspection, cleaning, or repair. If there is over one slow drain in your home, the problem may be a blockage in the mainline or a branch drain. The piping network can be challenging to fix on your own. To fix these problems, you will require a professional touch.


If your drains produce a foul smell, you have a professional issue with your drains on your hands. When you inhale the sewer gases, they can endanger your health. They are also unhygienic.

If you experience dizziness, headaches, vomiting, or nausea, that may be caused by the odor, fix the problem immediately. Various things may cause unpleasant odors, like some waste settling in your drains or sewer gases. Therefore, it is essential to contact a plumber to assess and inspect the situation.

Because they have the experience, plumbers will identify the source or cause of the problem. They will then advise you on the best course of action to solve the issue with your plumbing system.

Frequent Backups

Do your drains back up or get clogged frequently? Is this an ongoing problem? If yes, it is time to call a plumber to have your pipes assessed. When there are routine clogs in your drain, it could indicate there may be a larger clog within your drainage system.

You should address the issue immediately. More expensive and larger problems like flooding could arise in the future if you do not address the clogging problem with your drain. It may also pose a health hazard like cholera.

Gurgling Noises

Clogged drains produce strange sounds. The gurgling noises may leave you wondering what is happening within your pipes. Do you hear some sounds like a drink poured into a cup quickly? The gurgling noises mean that air is trapped in the drainage pipes.

Enlisting the services of a professional plumber is the only way to determine what is causing the problem. Upon inspecting your drains, they will professionally repair the drain and eliminate the problem. Trapped gasses in your drainage can be a menace.

Vermin and Pest

Have you noticed an increase in mice and flies in your home? While they are annoying, they could indicate that something is rotting within your piping system. The rotting foods smell of your pipe, attracting roaches and rats. These unwanted visitors may pose a health risk to you and your family as they carry diseases in most cases.

These pests and vermin can also cause property damage in your Mansfield, TX home. If you see them in your house, check with a plumber to see if something inside your pipes attracts them. It may mean your drainage pipes require draining, or your pipes are cracked.

Mold Smell

Backup wastewater will increase the moisture levels in your house, causing the growth of fungi and mold. If you do not address these problems, the fungi and molds may pose a health risk in your home.

Have you noticed a moldy smell in your home? Call a plumber to inspect your home’s plumbing system. Also, have professional drain cleaning regularly to avoid moisture buildup at your home.

Flushing Problems

When flushing the toilet, have you seen water rising from the drains? That could be because your drains have a clog, causing a backup of the wastewater that comes out in another drain. If you have noticed such in your home, call a plumber immediately. Being exposed to wastewater can cause a severe health hazard.

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

The Improvement of Your Draining System

Drain blockage is a problem that keeps recurring in most homes and poses a health risk to your family while clogging your drainage system. Professional drain cleaners use various technologies to remove these blockages from your drains. Hence, the health safety of your family is reassured.

Professional plumbers and drain cleaners can inspect the extent of the blockage you are dealing with. Gauging how severely your drains have been blocked or clogged using DIY methods. To protect your drains from clogging in the future, hire a professional drain cleaner for their routine inspection, cleaning, and servicing.

Decreased Odor

Your house is susceptible to foul stenches and awful odors when a blockage clogs your drains. These smells come from the sewer system. These odors show that you have a worse underlying issue in your pipes.

A plumber or a professional drain cleaner uses various equipment to clean and repair your drains, allowing the wastes to flow seamlessly. Therefore, the foul stench is reduced or eliminated. These odors can also pose a health hazard to you or your family. Their reduction boosts your home environment because it becomes more comfortable.

Saves Money and Time

Routine maintenance of your drainage systems reduces the risk of spending much to solve more significant issues in the future. Using professional drain cleaning services helps you save money you would have used for future drain-related expenses.

Having that trusted drain cleaner can save you from spending big on drainage repair, piping replacements, or other plumbing problems in the future. If you do not maintain the drainage system, the following problems may arise;

  • An increase in the amount of water bills
  • The pipes may burst because of the blockage and pressure
  • The water in your home may get contaminated, and
  • Corrosion of your drainage system.

Trees are the biggest enemy of your drains. Their roots puncture the drainage pipes, causing a blockage. Calling a skilled plumber can help you identify these issues and advise you on how to solve them.


Professional drain cleaners use top-grade equipment to clean your drains and plumbing system. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, our specialists in drain cleaning have been certified to use high-grade equipment to remove the blockage and dirt clogging your drainage system. It means you will have a safer home while using a safer solution in cleaning your drains.

One of the major problems that cause issues with your drainage is the supplies used to clean them. Many products sold in the stores react adversely with your plumbing system, causing corrosion and scale accumulation.

Cleaning professionals only use tested and proven products, improving your house’s safety.

Professional Solutions

You cannot easily purchase the technologies used by professional drain cleaning services anywhere. They use highly specialized tools and equipment like the hydro jet drain cleaner to clean the drains and the sewer lines. Hydrojet is a special high-pressure hose used for blasting blockages and other forms of residue away.

They also use connectors for almost all drain outlets. Because the outlets vary in size, cleaning the drains yourself means you have to use all the connectors. Once our professional drain cleaners connect the hydro jet to your drain, it blasts in various directions, removing all the blockage and clogs. We also offer snake unclogging in your drain to ensure a smooth flow of the wastewater in your drain.

Choosing a trusted service team saves you money on equipment and time while keeping the drainage system at your home running smoothly. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot of money on the wrong equipment that will not help you fix the problem.

Long-Term Effectiveness

If you routinely care for your home plumbing systems, they will last longer. Most urban residences keep professional plumbers to inspect and fix drainage system issues. Therefore, they can last for years.

Regardless of where you live, enlist the services of a professional drain cleaner to keep your home safe and comfortable. Professional drain cleaners have plumbing knowledge and can predict what plumbing problem you are likely facing with certainty. They also will tell you the time required between visits. The routine care and cleaning ensure that your drains and home plumbing system will not break down in the foreseeable future.


When you enlist the services of professional plumbing service, you support a local business with the listed skills and known reputation. If you try fixing or cleaning the drains yourself, you will not know whether what you are doing provides a long-term solution.

When you choose a reviewed cleaner, you will get a viable and credible solution because of their expertise and the tools they use. We offer various plumbing services like; drain cleaning, faucet repair, bathroom plumbing, among others, to the residents of Mansfield, TX. By choosing a good plumbing company, you will get advice and good tips you can apply to the rest of your plumbing system.

Use Professional Drain Cleaning to Improve Your Home

Among the many benefits of professional drain cleaning is improving the health of your house. You want it to remain in an excellent state of health for as long as possible. Routine drain maintenance is vital to remove foul stenches, pests, and vermin. Therefore, enlisting the services of a professional drain cleaner keeps your family safe from diseases and improves comfort. When you keep the foundational elements of your house serviced, you stay ahead of any issue that may arise in the future.

Do you want your home plumbing systems to remain at their best? Hire professional plumbers and drain cleaning services for a credible solution.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Mansfield, TX

The above are signs you need a professional drain cleaning service and the importance of hiring a professional drain cleaner. You can now get the best drain cleaner or plumber your money can afford. Research and hire the best local cleaner or plumber to tend your drainage system needs.

Do you need a plumber in Mansfield, TX? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Fort Worth is the best around. We have professional and experienced plumbers who can address all your plumbing needs. They have the tools and expertise to unclog any drain, giving your home that refreshing environment. Regardless of the time of the day, our plumbers are on standby to address your emergency plumbing needs.

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