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Signs You Need Water Line Repair

Signs You Need Water Line Repair

Water Line Repair Fort Worth

Water Line Leaks and Electronic Leak Detection

Outdoor water line leaks generally occur without any warning. With water lines and water supply lines being buried beneath the frost and freeze line they can occur with or without signs of a leak. Obvious signs are water standing in the yard over or down slope from a water line; water may erode the ground over it and be visible as it bubbles up from the soil. You may hear water running when no water is being used at outdoor faucets, or even from within the house.

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Less obvious signs are grass that is greener over a water line’s area, soggy soil when other ground is dry or an uncommonly high water bill with no known explanation. A notable drop in water pressure may be present, air, rust or dirt may be present in the water though there may be other causes for these contaminates.

You can often verify a water leak by checking your meter when no water is being used in the home. Ensure no appliances are running such as a dishwasher or washing machine. Make a note of the meter reading and recheck it an hour or two later. If you see the meter moving when no water is being used, or if you note an increase in the meter reading when no water has been used, it is verification that you have a water leak somewhere.

Unfortunately, not all leaks are easily detectable. When you have checked and failed to find a water leak it is time to call in a plumber to provide electronic leak detection. Electronic leak detection can locate underground and hidden leaks accurately without the expense or destruction of excavation.

Electronic leak detection works on plastic, copper, iron, or steel pipes. It is also very effective in locating leaks under a concrete slab. Obvious signs of a water line leak under a slab can be the presence of water on the floor when above the slab waterlines are intact. Less obvious indications that may indicate a slab leak can be a cracked slab or walls, a musty smell, mold or mildew or hot spots on the floor.

The old method of detection and repair involved tearing up the slab until the leak was detected and increased time and cost of repair. With electronic leak detection the location of the broken pipe can be accurately pinpointed without the need for tearing up extensive slab areas. By only removing the necessary area over the leak costs are kept down and enable our leak detection experts to provide the repair quickly and accurately. Electronic leak detection has the added benefit of locating breaks in the sewer line or gas leaks as well as water leaks.

Leaks located under homes and businesses can cause extensive damage and mold to foundations and structure. In rare cases long standing undetected leaks have even caused dangerous sink holes to form! Don’t wait for damage to occur if you suspect a hidden leak, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing-Fort Worth’s leak detection specialists today for water line repair in Fort Worth and the surrounding regions. Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for convenience.