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Sink Repair | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Sink Repair | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Repair | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

The kitchen
sink is one of the most frequently used plumbing fixtures in the home. Over
time, sinks will begin to show their age, such as with chips, scratches, a dull
finish, stains, and potentially leaks around the drain seal. When you need
sink repair, or replacement, call Benjamin
Franklin’s plumbers
in Arlington, Texas for:


Sink Repair

licensed plumbers 
provide expert sink repair and prompt service. Repairs of the kitchen
sink can include the following common problems:


With age,
the sink in your kitchen may leak. This can be a result of rust, corrosion or
due to deterioration of the seal around the drain, or the edge of the sink. In
addition, the sink drain may leak. Our plumbers can take care of all of this
for you, with sink repair or replacement.

Sink Drain

sink clogs are typically due to grease, oil, fat, and food particulates. A
drain screen will prevent food from entering the drain, and using caution will
assist in reducing grease clogs. Never pour grease, fat or oil into a drain,
after they cool pour them into a container and seal. Check with recycling
centers in your area and recycle if possible. Otherwise, place containers with
grease in the trash.

pouring cooled grease from cooking utensils, use absorbent paper towels to
clean as much grease as possible before washing.


leaking faucet wastes water and can ruin a sink’s
finish. Contact our plumbers in Arlington, Texas for the repair of leaky faucets today.

Sprayer Problems

A sink
sprayer typically lasts a long time. The most common problem is due to clogging
of the sprayer’s aerator or diverter valve, due to the minerals in hard water.
Clean the aerator by soaking in vinegar, and brushing gently with a soft brush.
Other sprayer problems can potentially be corrected with the replacement of the
diverter valve, new washers, or a new hose. These tasks are best left to a


Eventually, all sinks will require
replacement. Sink installation should be provided
by an experienced, licensed plumber to ensure
damage does not occur to your countertop.


When selecting a new kitchen sink,
consider the space it will fit in. Kitchen sinks are available in a variety of
sizes, styles, and finishes. In fact, the selection available is greater than
at any other time in the past. You can select from stainless steel, porcelain,
glass, cast iron, copper, soapstone, and other materials. Whether you are
remodeling or simply need a new sink, Benjamin Franklin’s
plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide the professional
sink installation that you need.


When you
need sink repair, drain cleaning, faucet repair,
or installation of a kitchen sink, contact Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas. We provide a 100%
satisfaction guarantee, and a full two-year warranty on repairs. Our licensed,
professional plumbers offer a broad range of plumbing
services for residential and commercial applications. We serve
Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB
with an A+ rating.