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Your Slab Leak Requires Immediate Attention | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Your Slab Leak Requires Immediate Attention | Plumber in Fort Worth, TX

With the help of advanced technology, we can now easily diagnose the cause of slab leaks in our homes. In addition, a slab leak is now repairable without causing disruption to our homes. This is achievable by successfully detecting the main spot which causes the leak. Once repaired, you may get rid of your leaking slab issue almost immediately and with no hassle.

Following that, nearly all the homes in Fort Worth, TX are built on concrete slabs and face many plumbing issues in Fort Worth, TX. However, when it comes to slab leak detection, it is considered as the most extensive and costly damage. As per the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX, often the minor crack within the concrete slab or underneath pipes may create some serious plumbing issues for homeowners. Therefore, in certain situations, a slab leak may be a frightening and an extremely overwhelming experience.

While many people try to deal with this overwhelming experience on their own, the wise ones know that it is always better to hire a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to handle such critical plumbing issues. Similarly, many people assume that they can save money by attempting the slab leak repair as a DIY project but they fail to realize, that a minor mistake in carrying out the job may cost them even more both in terms of money and time.

Another reason for a lay person to opt for the professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX is that a plumber is always equipped with the right tool and equipment that are required to carry out the repair task. A plumber in Fort Worth, TX is not only experienced in repairing such common issues but also know the technicalities of the slab leak that a lay person may not know. Hence if a lay person carries out a repair task improperly, this may result in creating more damage than expected.

How would I know if I have a slab leak?

A slab leak is the result of the breaking or bursting of the concrete slab underneath your home. Since these cracks are not directly in the slab itself but instead in the encased pipes, therefore, it is not always easy to detect or know the slab leak spot unless the issue gets severe.

Indeed, there are some indications of a slab leak. If you notice any of these signs in your home then you must make a move and get a slab leak detection done by a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Let us have a look at some of these warning signs.

The running water sound

One of the most identifying signs of a leaking slab is the sound of the running water in your home. In the case, when all the water taps or valves are closed but you may still hear the sound of running water then it indicates that there is some issue with the concrete slab underneath your home. Such a situation however, requires your immediate attention and you must call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to fix the problem without delay.

Increased water bills

Another basic sign of a slab leak issue may be an increase in your water bills. Since in the situation of a slab leak, water remains running throughout and even though there is no water running in your home or outside, you may end up paying more cost in terms of water bills. Therefore, if you notice an unexpected increase in the water bill then you must get your slab detected for any leaks, immediately.

The bug problem

Whenever there is a slab leak it also causes the problem of increased moisture around the area. While this may itself an issue in terms of dampened soil or corrosion of exposed pipes around the slab, this moisture may also invite a lot of bugs and especially mosquitoes. Since this moisture is a favorable condition for bugs to inhabit and grow, therefore, in the case you are observing an increased number of bugs around and inside your house then you must get it cleaned by hiring a plumber in Fort Worth, TX for your slab leak repair.

Mildew growth under your carpets or moisture under flooring

Following the previously discussed warning sign, increased moisture around the slab may also result in the growth of mildew under your carpets. This moisture favors the inhabitation of mildew which is itself a big problem for a homeowner to deal with, especially when the whole house is carpeted. Similarly, just like outside your house, you may also observe some moisture on in-house flooring. And the most basic reason known for this issue is a leaking slab underneath your home.

The bad smell around the house

The most annoying sign of slab leak is in the form of a bad smell. This bad smell may be due to the broken sewer or a drain line. While this is the easiest way to detect a slab leak problem it may be the most frustrating one as well. Moreover, since this may be an issue in the drain line, therefore, you may also be facing building up of water or a blockage in the drain line pipes of the house.


The cracks or the wet spots on the walls

Are you observing some cracks forming on your walls or even on the flooring? Well if yes, then it’s time to hire a plumber in Fort Worth, TX and get your leaking slab repaired. While the forming cracks are one reason of a slab leak, the other reason would be the wet or hot spots. If you unexpectedly, observe some wet spot, hot spots or even the discolored spots on your walls or floor of the house, either inside or outside, then this is definitely a slab leak issue.


What should be done now?

In the case you are facing any of the above discussed warning signs in your house then it’s better to act in time. Since plumbing in Fort Worth, TX is increasing in trend nowadays, therefore, if you like to hire the best plumbing service available then do check the website of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing right away. Their team of experienced professional is expert in dealing with the most uncommon plumbing issues in the most efficient manner. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.