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Slab Leak | Water Line Repair Arlington

Slab Leak | Water Line Repair Arlington

A slab leak is a water or sewer leak under the concrete foundation of a home. The leak can cause serious damage to the home, and its concrete foundation. In addition, slab leaks may result in issues with mold and bacteria, low water pressure, and elevated water bills. Furthermore, standing water in or around the home can result in a problem with pests. Knowing the common signs can alert you to a slab leak. Contact a licensed plumber for water line repair in Arlington before the damage to your home worsens.


The Common Signs of a Hidden Slab Leak

1. It isn’t uncommon for an unusually high water bill to be the first alert a homeowner receives.

2. Low water pressure throughout the home are a warning sign of a water line problem, and the need for water line repair in Arlington.

3. The growth of mold and mildew indicates increased moisture, and potentially a leak.

4. Rotting wood and rusted metal can also point to water damage from a leak.

5. The sound of water running when none is in use indicates a water leak.

Additional Signs of a Slab Leak

Slab leaks can provide obvious signs and include:

1. Warm or hot spots on the floor indicate a hot water leak under the slab. Hot water leaks not only run up the water bill, but also the energy bill due to the increased operation of the water heater. Contact our plumbers for water line repair in Arlington.

2. Cracked or damaged tile with or without discoloration may indicate a leak. Hardwood, vinyl tile, or vinyl flooring can discolor when exposed to a leak.

3. Warped floors may indicate a leak.

4. Cracks on the interior, or exterior walls may indicate a shifting foundation, potentially due to a leak.

5. Stained, and/or wet drywall or shoe molding may indicate a leak.

6. Discolored or peeling paint can indicate the presence of a leak.

7. Standing water may indicate a slab leak or other type of leak. Check under and around the water heater, and inspect the appliance for a leak. In addition, inspect drains and water supply lines for leaks. If the water appears to be seeping up around pipe or other utilities that come through the slab, a slab leak is likely.

8. A musty odor may indicate mold and/or mildew due to a leak.

9. Inspect around the foundation outdoors for water running from beneath the slab.

10. When a leak involves sewer pipe, you may or may not detect the odor of raw sewage. However, if you do smell a sewer odor, it is likely that you have a sewer leak.

If you determine you have a leak, shut off the water to your home, and contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber to provide water line repair in Arlington.

Leak Detection

Benjamin Franklin’s experienced plumbers in Arlington utilize advanced leak detection equipment, and expertise to locate your leak for precise water line repair in Arlington of your plumbing in Arlington. In the majority of slab leak repairs that we provide, we are able to provide the service with no damage to your floor.

Sewer Leak Detection

Advanced video pipe inspection is ideal for sewer leak detection. Video pipe inspection uses a high resolution, waterproof camera, and displays a live image on a monitor. The image provides the plumber with a view of the inside of drains and sewer pipe. In the past, breaking up the slab and removing sections of it was the only means to locate and repair leaks beneath the slab. Today’s technology of video pipe inspection, advanced leak detection techniques, and trenchless pipe repair enable repair without destruction in most situations.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing specializes in leak detection, sewer leak repair, and water line repair in Arlington Our certified, licensed plumbers provide a broad range of plumbing services. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers plumbers you can rely on for first quality, professional plumbing in Arlington. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.