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Slab Leaks | Plumbing Arlington

Slab Leaks | Plumbing Arlington

Slab Leak | Plumbing Arlington

Homes with a concrete slab foundation pose a unique challenge when trying to locate a slab leak. Locating the leak shouldn’t be delayed as serious damage with costly repairs can occur in the home and its foundation. It is due to this that the location and repair of a leak in the home’s under-the-slab plumbing in Arlington are best left to a professional plumber in Arlington.

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There are various causes of a slab leak, but only two types, a hidden leak, and the leak that is visually detectable. Because a slab leak is located out of sight under your home’s concrete foundation, locating the source of the leak, and its repair, is a job for plumbing professionals. Professional plumbers will have the necessary equipment to pinpoint the leak, and the experience and expertise to provide slab leak repair of the leaking plumbing in Arlington.

Hidden Leaks

When you are experiencing an elevated water bill without any explanation, or any signs of a leak, you have a hidden leak. In a slab leak this is potentially under the slab. Before calling for a plumber, perform the water meter test to verify whether a leak is present or not.

Water Meter Test

  1. Select a time when you are home alone to avoid anyone using water. Shut off all automatic water using appliances such as the ice maker and sprinklers.
  2. Write down the numbers on the water meter and don’t use any water for one hour.
  3. After one hour check the meter reading. If the numbers have changed you have a water leak, and will require repair of the affected plumbing in Arlington. Shut off the water, to prevent additional damage to your home and its foundation until repair can be provided.

The Causes of Slab Leaks to a Home’s

Plumbing in Arlington

Throughout the year the expansion and contraction of soil in response to freeze and thaw conditions can cause soil shift. Consequently, soil shift can result in pipe breakage or leaks. In severe situations, the slab can heave upward, causing a home to flood, further damaging the foundation, the home and its contents. On the other hand, as the soil beneath the slab erodes, the slab may sink.

Leaks located under a slab can place the safety and stability of your home at risk, if repair of leaking plumbing in Arlington isn’t provided in a timely manner. Utilizing advanced leak detection technology, our plumbers in Arlington, Texas can determine if you have a leak, pinpoint the leak, and provide the professional repair you need.

Other potential causes of a slab leak are the settling of the home; improper installation of pipes when the home was constructed (damage to pipes may have occurred by other tradesmen); and earthquakes can cause damage to pipes.

Homeowners should be aware of the potential signs of a slab leak. Early detection is the key to controlling the amount of damage to the home, its foundation and the cost of repair. Potential signs of a leak affecting your homes under the slab plumbing in Arlington are as follows:

  • The sound of running water.
  • Cracked slab or tile.
  • Discoloration of the flooring.
  • Wet or damp carpet.
  • The soil around your home has shifted.
  • Water running from under the slab, or pooling around the foundation when it has not rained.
  • Hot spots on the floor.
  • An increase in the water bill without an explanation. The gas or the electric bill may be increased if the leak is in a hot water pipe, as the hot water heater will run more frequently.
  • Sheetrock or shoe molding is wet at the bottom.
  • The floor feels uneven.
  • A musty odor and/or the presence of mold or mildew.

Fortunately, modern leak detection technology enables our plumbers in Arlington, Texas to locate and repair the leak, typically with no damage of flooring. The first step is leak detection. Once the leak’s location is identified there are a number repair options that may be appropriate. The type of repair performed will depend upon the nature of the leak, and the age and condition of the pipe. Pipes that are in good condition may qualify for spot repair. However, aging pipes or those that are in poor condition may require re-piping.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide a safe and effective solution for your home’s slab leak. You can rest assured a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber will provide a professional grade repair. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas for all of your plumbing in Arlington needs. We are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.