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Spring Plumbing Maintenance

Spring Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing in Fort Worth

Spring Plumbing Maintenance

The early signs of spring’s arrival have arrived. After such a cold winter most of us are enjoying the warmer days by tidying up the yard, planting flowers and trimming bushes. With so much to do outside it is easy to forget to schedule the spring home plumbing checkup.

Let’s look over some tips for your spring plumbing maintenance checklist. If you are uncomfortable with plumbing inspections or repair, give us a call, our professional plumbers will be happy to inspect and provide any necessary repair to your plumbing in Fort Worth.

spring plumbing maintenance

Clear Leaf Debris from Gutters, Downspouts and Drains

clogged from leaves and other debris is prone to mold and mildew as the temperature rises and showers occur. While you are cleaning the gutters is a good time to inspect roof plumbing vents to ensure leaves, bird nests or other debris do not block them.

Check for Damaged Pipes and Broken Hose Bibs

During winter freezes, water expands as it converts into ice. Outdoor plumbing is vulnerable to freezing and is why we turn the water off to outdoor fixtures in the winter, or insulate outdoor plumbing before winter arrives. Most broken pipes during the winter are due to the expansion of water into ice.

During your spring plumbing inspection, you will want to check for winter damage and leaks, not only outside the home, but inside and in the basement or crawlspace. Inspect anywhere that plumbing is vulnerable to freezing temperatures. Inspect pipes, fittings and outdoor faucets for cracks, as well as for water pooling beneath faucets, water supply lines and pipes, as this will indicate a leak. Once you are assured that outdoor pipes and faucets appear intact, turn them on to ensure they function and to ensure they are free of leaks.

Don’t forget to check on plumbing to pools and outdoor kitchens or any other outdoor water lines and fixtures. If you see a drip or two from a faucet but aren’t sure if it is leaking, place a container beneath it to catch any water that may drip and recheck it a few hours later. if water has collected it likely needs a new washer or other repair.

The spring plumbing inspection is a good time to check for any signs of leakage to dishwasher & icemaker supply lines, the hot water heater, washing machine hoses, drains and supply lines under sinks and your main water supply line coming into your home.

Clean Shower Heads

Spring is a good time to clean showerheads with hard water build up. If the shower head will unscrew, test an inconspicuous area to ensure vinegar’s acid won’t damage the finish. Once you are certain it is safe, soak the showerhead in a bowl of vinegar until the buildup loosens and falls off. Scrub any remaining residue with a soft toothbrush and vinegar to remove. If any holes remain clogged with residue, use a dental pic or a straightened metal paperclip to gently clear the holes. Once the shower head is clean, rinse it well and dry. Then screw the showerhead back in.

Most shower heads that screw on have a rubber gasket and will only require screwing back in. It is actually only the end of the shower head that you are removing for cleaning. For those showerheads that must be completely removed plumbers tape may be required to prevent leaking, dependent upon whether or not it has a gasket.

To clean showerheads that won’t remove by unscrewing, partially fill a leak free plastic bag with vinegar and attach with thick, strong rubber bands. Use a container to pour water over the showerhead to rinse. Once rinsed, dry and if holes remain blocked follow the preceding directions to complete.

Check faucets and toilets for leaking

To check faucets for a slow leak place a container under the spigot to catch any dripping water, if it collects water it needs repair. To check a toilet for leaks place a few drops of blue food coloring in the tank. Recheck in half an hour. If color is in the bowl the tank is leaking. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for repair of your plumbing in Fort Worth to provide professional toilet repair.

Check sump pumps for any visible problems then pour a few buckets of water into the pit to ensure the sump pump is working.

If you discover winter damage to your plumbing in Fort Worth ensure it is repaired by a professional plumber before further damage occurs and water bills are elevated.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Fort Worth’s licensed professional plumbers provide full plumbing service for all of your plumbing in Fort Worth needs. For plumbers you can trust give us a call for prompt service. Our work and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.