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Step-by-Step Process for the Installation of a Tankless Water Heater | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Step-by-Step Process for the Installation of a Tankless Water Heater | Plumbers in Arlington, TX

Tankless water heaters have been considered to be one of the most efficient hot water supply sources in homes. It helps reduce the heating bills and also contributes positively towards the environment. These units not only save energy but also allow you to not invest in the space and time required for the installation of tanks. They have proven to be more efficient than traditional tank heaters depending on the demand for water in each household.

Because of its multiple advantages, many plumbers in Arlington, TX recommend the installation of this unit. The installation process varies depending on the unit and the type of water heater. Many people opt for the option of getting it installed by the manufacturer of tankless water heaters in Arlington, TX or look for the help of a professional plumber or expert of this field who can help them install it. Apart from these two options, you have the option to install it on your own.

Here in the article below, we have mentioned the eight steps that you need to follow for the installation of tankless water heaters in Arlington, TX.

Steps for Installation

Step # 1: Locate the power source

The first step you need to follow is to locate the power source that supplies energy to your tankless water heater. It could be a fuse box or a breaker box that is mostly located in the garage or outside the house where it is attached to a wall. Here is an explanation provided by the plumbers in Arlington, TX as to what it usually looks like, to help you find this easily at your place; a fuse box is mostly a small, grey power panel with a door that swings open.

For tankless water heaters that run on gas, a thermostat is available somewhere in the house from where the gas supply can be stopped. It is a simple small red knob that is located on the water heater itself. It is on the outside of the heater at the point where the gas pipe enters the unit. This knob has 3 settings mentioned on it: on, off, and pilot.

Step # 2: Disable the power source

Once you have located the source you now need to disable it which is either the fuse box or the thermostat. For a fuse box, plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest you look for small on/off switches on the panel of the box which are called the branch circuit breakers. These switches are available for individual items that are running on electricity. Find the one that provides energy to the water heater and switch it off. For a thermostat simply turn the knob to Pilot.

In case you do not know the individual switch, locate the main switch labeled ‘Main’ and switch it off. Now while you follow the process the electricity to the entire house will be shut-off for the time being.

Step # 3: Turn off the water supply

Those who already have one tankless water heater in Arlington, TX installed at their place, should drain the water out of it, before they uninstall it. You simply need to identify where the inlet pipe is and then close it with a 90-degree turn or multiple turns as required.

Once all the water has drained off from the water heater and the lines are now empty you can now proceed to disconnect the old water heater.

Step # 4: Install a new gas line

In case the tankless water heater that you are installing runs on gas then, if needed, plumbers in Arlington, TX suggest you install a tee and valve in the gas line already existent. This could be done with the help of a flexible gas supply line or black pipe which is attached from the tee to a point where it can be easily attached to the gas line of the new unit.

Step # 5: Install new water lines

Plumbers in Arlington, TX also suggest you attach new water lines for both hot and cold water with the help of copper pipe which is then supposed to be attached to the new unit. To securely hold these pipes use bell hangers that are attached against the wall.

It is common that there is oxidation build-up in tankless water heaters in Arlington, TX. Before you start the soldering process clean the pipes and connectors so that the oxidation is removed. Now to the end of the pipe apply flux and attach slip pipe and connectors and with the help of a torch heat the copper so that the pipes solder together.

Step # 6: Attach the tankless water heater

Select a location for the water heater if it is installed for the first time near someplace where the heat can be vented out easily. Here you need to build a platform with 2 x 4-inch pieces of lumber that will help you to attach the unit to the wall. Carefully place the unit on this platform.

Step # 7: Connect the water heater

Now connect the sediment trap and the shutoff valve to the water heater that has been mounted on the platform and then attach the supply line to the shutoff valve. After this connect the water supply line and as per the suggestion of plumbers in Arlington, TX double check these connections to make sure the connections are fitted properly to avoid any sort of leakage.

Step # 8: Turn on the water heater

Finally, plug the water heater or turn the thermostat to on to turn on the gas. For extra surety read the manual and follow any specific start-up procedures written down by the manufacturer.

The Bottom Line

If you follow these above-mentioned steps plumbers in Arlington, TX believes you would be able to install your water heater with ease and in no time. If you are someone who is planning to follow this process but wants a little bit of guidance then contact Benjamin Franklin right away.

Their team of professionals is well-versed in handling the complex issues and holds great experience in their field. For further assistance call their 24/7 emergency number.