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Stopping High Water Pressure Damage | Plumber Arlington

Stopping High Water Pressure Damage | Plumber Arlington

High Water Pressure | Plumber Arlington

While you may enjoy the high water pressure you have been receiving lately when you shower, overly pressurized water can be causing a great deal of damage to your pipes and other plumbing fixtures. Read on to learn more about high water pressure, and when to call a plumber in Arlington.

plumber arlington high water pressure

Your municipal water supplier sets the water pressure to meet requirements for the entire municipality as a whole. When higher pressures are required to provide water for other facilities and services, sometimes as high as 150 psi, this pressure can reach levels hazardous to your plumbing.

There can be a second source of high water pressure right inside of your home. High water pressure can be the result of thermal water expansion, due to heating within your water heater storage tank. As water is heated, it expands, increasing overall pressure; this can lead to unsafe psi levels, placing plumbing at risk. The installation of an expansion tank will prevent damage to your plumbing from high water pressure.

How High Water Pressure Affects Your Pipes

Excessive water pressure can over time, increase pipe erosion and shorten the expected lifespan of water using appliances, faucets and other plumbing fixtures. In addition, high water pressure can contribute to water hammer. Internal air chambers protect pipes when running is stopped by shutting off a tap with normal water pressure.

Overly-pressurized water flow counters the protective effects of the air chambers when water is suddenly stopped, resulting in water hammer that can damage pipe joints, valves and fixture heads. While these damages can be repaired by a plumber in Arlington you can prevent the potential damage to your plumbing by monitoring the water pressure.

Identifying Excessively High Water Pressure

The following are potential signs of increased water pressure:

  • The development of water hammer
  • Sudden multiple leaks such as leaking around pipes, water fixtures, faucets
  • Damage to faucets or other water using appliances
  • Continually running toilets
  • Increased water bills
  • A notable increase of water pressure in taps

Water Pressure Test

You can purchase a water pressure gauge at a home or plumbing supply store for $10 to $20.

  1. Attach a water pressure gauge to any hose bib.
  2. Turn the water on to obtain a reading. The reading is your water pressure.

A municipal water supply with a high water pressure typically recommends the installation of a pressure reducing valve (PRV), also called a water pressure regulator. A Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington can install a PRV on your water main. Buried in the soil, the PRV will typically require replacement every 10 – 15 years.

A pressure regulator ensures that the pressure coming from the municipal water supply is reduced to a recommended and safe pressure. When a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington installs a regulator on the home’s water main as it exits the meter, protection is provided to the water supply line going to the home, ensuring it and all plumbing, appliances and fixtures are protected from the effects of high water pressure.

If you suspect your water supply is experiencing high water pressure, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington today. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.