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Storage Water Heater Repair: When Should You Call in a Plumber in Fort Worth, TX?

Storage Water Heater Repair: When Should You Call in a Plumber in Fort Worth, TX?

Water heater systems are a part of every residential unit in Fort Worth, TX. The hot stream of water is utilized for many different purposes from washing dishes to taking a shower, and performing other household chores. Among the installed water heater systems, the conventional storage systems are the most popular as they are less expensive and easy to install in comparison to other alternative systems available in the market. However, there is a downside to the conventional storage water heater systems:

They require regular maintenance.

Failing to do so can lead to different problems—some of which can be resolved by the users themselves, while others demand immediate professional inspection. And this is where some homeowners fail to draw a line. Often tempted by the “DIY urge”, they try to fix all the problems by themselves without realizing how much danger water heater repair jobs can carry. As a service agency which provides plumbers in Fort Worth, TX we have come across many situations where homeowners approach us after failing to fix the problem themselves – only to realize they have further aggravated it. While in other cases, we hear reports of tragic accidents involving DIY water heater repairs.

According to a study by National Fire Protection Association, storage water heaters were responsible for 80 deaths and 210 injuries from 2006 to 2010. Property losses were reported at $104 million. These are the reported cases which happened during a “five-year” period.

The reasons for the reported deaths, serious injuries and property damage involving storage water heaters are many. From improper installation of water heaters and leaks, to unaddressed body corrosion and mishandling of temperature-pressure relief valve – the list is just endless.

This calls for a simple advice:

Rather than doing the major storage water heater repairs by yourself, call in a service agency which provides trained plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.

This begs the question:

Which Storage Water Heater Problems Constitute as a Major Issue?

Before proceeding, please note this is just a brief list of rough guidelines, where not every problem has been addressed. As such always consult a local service agency which provides trained plumbers in Fort Worth, TX if you are facing any maintenance or installation concerns regarding storage water heaters.

Problem #1: Unstable Temperature Gradient

Homeowners often complain to us that they are either experiencing too hot stream of water or the heater is not heating the water to the desired temperature. Keeping all the technical problems aside, the most common reason for an unstable temperature gradient is an undersized water heater which was not purchased as per the needed requirements. This could be a result of inaccurate water flow calculation, misaligned determination of distribution requirements etc. To reinforce your buying decision, always consult a trained plumber in Fort Worth, TX before investing in a water heater system.

Now coming on to the consideration of technical problems which account for unstable temperature gradient:

  • Improper positioning of thermostat dial. This is something which homeowners can adjust by themselves.
  • A problem in burner assembly. This is where most of the homeowners get their practices wrong. For a burner assembly should only be checked by a trained professional as it could lead to fire breakouts if not handled properly.
  • A malfunctioning thermostat.
  • A faulty temperature pressure relief valve.
  • Crystallized mineral deposits which may affect the efficiency of storage water heater systems.

All these problems (except where notified) require immediate professional address, so make sure you call in a local service agency which provides trained plumbers in Fort Worth, TX.

Problem #2: Storage Water Heater Making Noises

Another common problem which most homeowners report is a popping sound or a boiling gurgle coming from the tank of storage water heater systems. The reasons for such noises can be:

  • Expanding or contracting metal parts.
  • Water sediment deposits for which you will need a professional who can service the tank.
  • Over heating which results in pressure buildup, causing the water heater system to generate noises.

All of these problems require inspection of a trained plumber in Fort Worth, TX. Immediately turn off your water heater and call a reliable agency for further professional guidance.

Problem #3: Water Heater Leaking

Leakage of storage water heater systems is a frequent problem which many homeowners experience. If these leaks are not fixed in time, they can build up to significant cracks which lead to mold growth and flooding damages. There are many reasons for leakages, some of which include:

  • Tank corrosion and rust.
  • A clogged supply line.
  • A faulty valve.
  • Leaky electric heating elements.

Make sure you contact a reliable agency which provides plumbers in Fort Worth, TX to identify the leaks and get them fixed (if possible).

Problem #4: A Discolored Water Supply or One Having an Odor

A discolored water supply or one having an odor is usually associated with a problem from the mains. However, it is also possible that your storage water heater system is the reason behind an abnormal supply of water. The contributing factors include:

  • An excess content of minerals like iron and copper can cause water discoloration. This matter can be resolved by installing a water softener.
  • The oxidation of ions at the heater’s anode can cause a release of unpleasant odor. Most likely, a professional will recommend the replacement of anode rod to fix this issue.

For further advice, please contact a local service agency which provides trained plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Storage water heater systems are cheap, easy to install and easy to use. They come in different sizes with a storage capacity ranging from 20 gallons to 80 gallons – providing customers with a wide range of choices. However, belonging to the early class of water heater systems, they come with some technical deficiencies. These deficiencies need to be looked after and the systems need to be maintained regularly to avoid any major problems. If you are looking for a plumbing service agency in Fort Worth,TX to get your system inspected or repaired, please contact us here.