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Has Your Sump Pump Broken Down? | Plumbing in Lake Worth, TX

Has Your Sump Pump Broken Down? | Plumbing in Lake Worth, TX

A sump pump is one of the major components of your home security system. This may rarely come to use but it is highly useful in the most dreadful situations such as a heavy storm or flood. Many homeowners in Fort Worth, TX believe that there is hardly a time when they will need it, which is why they fail to ensure the proper maintenance of it.

Whenever you face the situation like heavy rainfall, a sump pump may work like your first aid kit. It significantly helps in preventing the loss and any such situation by instantly draining the accumulated water in our home basement. For this, a sump pump uses an external discharge pipe that is made to serve the purpose without disruption. That is why it is highly important to keep your sump pump well maintained and free of all the mechanical issues that may unexpectedly arise at the eleventh hour.

To mention the worst, when a sump pump breaks down at the time of need, this could be an ordeal no one would ever wish to come across. It can be a complete disaster for your house. The water will gush into your basement and other parts of your house uncontrollably. Furthermore, when water gets no direction to flow, it starts to pit in the house’s basement and that is exactly when you can expect an in-house flood.

Hence, you ensure the proper maintenance of the sump pump, but you must first understand the potential reasons that cause the unexpected break down. All of these reasons are described by the professional plumbers in Lake Worth, TX. It is only when you know these reasons you can take some preventive measures to avoid them.

So let’s have a look at some of the potential reasons for a sump pump failure.

Heavy Water Influx

When a sump pump faces heavy water influx, it may stop functioning. As per the plumbers in Lake Worth, TX, this happens mainly for two basic reasons: first, the sump pump size is inadequate and second, its horsepower is insufficient to control the situation. That is why you must be careful in determining the right size of sump pump before opting for installation by the professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX.

Power Failure

Another potential reason for a sump pump failure is when a disaster like heavy rain meets with power failure. The plumbers in Lake Worth, TX call it a deadly combination that usually leaves homeowners with no better option than to leave the space. The situation is hard to survive and it causes flooded basements.

When a storm comes with a power failure, it immobilizes your sump pumps ability to drain water. Hence this kind of problem can only be avoided if you keep a backup generator. This backup generator can be turned on manually to make your sump pump useable again.

Clogging Of the Discharge Pipe

One reason, when your working sump pump may suddenly stop working is when the discharge pipe gets blocked. This will also cause in-house flood especially if you don’t have any alternative solution to drain the water. As per the plumbers in Lake Worth, TX, the discharge pipe of sump pumps may get frozen or blocked. The clogging, however, is due to accumulated debris.

While there is no way to prevent the frozen discharge pipe, you can always keep a check on it to avoid any unfortunate consequences. Otherwise, you can get the assistance of a professional plumber in Lake Worth, TX to install a specialty discharge line. This will help in allowing the water drainage even in the situation when sump pumps discharge pipe freezes.

Improper Installation of the Sump Pump

If you are facing an unexpected behavior of your sump pump, chances are that your sump pump is struggling with poor installation. When a sump pump is poorly installed, it starts to lose its efficiency even faster. The possible areas in which a poor installation may have been done include the installation of check valve on the discharge line, setting your sump pump in gravel or dirt and others.

Needless to say, all of this highlights the importance of hiring only the trusted plumber in Lake Worth, TX for the installation of the sump pump.

The Normal Wear And Tear

Just like any other appliance in our homes, a sump pump may also survive through usual wear and tear as days pass by. A sump pump usually breaks down after their use for almost 10 years. But there are some models that may last even longer as the plumbers in Lake Worth, TX suggest. That is why if your sump pump has passed its useful life, then you should not delay its replacement any further. This is important for your own safety during the extreme weather conditions.

Faulty Products

This is a rare situation but this can also be a reason for your failed sump pump. Often times, a sump pumps functionality may get hampered due to the installation of faulty equipment. That is why the plumber in Lake Worth, TX immediately checks the functionality of the newly installed sump pump to ensure its smooth working.

In some cases, the equipment might be faulty from the start. In other cases, this happens due to improper handling of the sump pump during the shipment or delivery. Regardless, what is the basic reason for the improper installation, when you hire an experienced plumber for the installation job, you can guarantee yourself a proper installation!

The Bottom Line

As much as the regular maintenance of a sump pump is important, similarly it is also crucial to hire only the best expertise for its installation, repair, or the replacement.

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