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Sump Pump Noise | Plumber Arlington

Sump Pump Noise | Plumber Arlington

When the sump pump makes an unusual noise, it typically indicates a problem. Ignoring strange sounds can result in damage to the sump pump, and may require replacement. It is wise to become familiar with the sound of normal operation, and enables you to identify unusual sump pump noise and potentially avert damage to the pump. The consequences of ignoring problems with the sump pump can be a  flooded basement the next time flooding occurs. If the sump pump in your home is making a strange noise, contact a Benjamin Franklin plumber in Arlington.

Normal vs. Unusual Sump Pump Noise


It is not unusual for a sump pump to make a loud hammering noise. The sound is annoying, but does not mean there is a serious problem. A Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington  can install a check valve to stop the noise.

Squealing or Grinding

This may indicate a worn out pump or other issues, contact your plumber.


Sump pumps may make a slurping noise when the shut-off height of the pump is not correctly set. You will need a plumber to check the pump and adjust the shut-off height, ensuring that the pump can operate properly.

A Pump that Doesn’t Shut Off

When the pump runs all the time, it’s likely that the pump is improperly sized for the task. Either undersized and oversized pumps are a problem. For example, if an oversized pump is installed in an undersized sump pit, it will pump water more rapidly than the basin can accumulate. Eventually, the pit will run dry and the overworked sump pump will break down. In addition, frequent operation may indicate the pump size is insufficient.


Vibration is an annoyance, although it is not necessarily an indication of a serious issue with the pump. It is typically due to vibration of the discharge pipe. You may be able to reduce the noise by wrapping the pipe with foam insulation, or installing rubber grommets between the discharge pipe and lid. It is best to contact a plumber in Arlington to verify the cause and provide a solution, ensuring the sump pump system complies with local codes.


When unusual noise occurs, contact a qualified plumber in Arlington to check the pump. Furthermore, if you will not be providing sump pump maintenance yourself, schedule annual service for the pump with a professional plumber. In addition, any mechanical equipment is subject to wear and tear, and neglect will result in premature failure. Some of the maintenance tasks required include cleaning the intake screen of debris that can clog it, potentially adjusting the float, checking a pump with outdoor discharge for a clog on the discharge end, and testing the sump pump by pouring a bucket of water in the pit. In addition, if you have a backup sump pump this is the time to test it as well.

Other Causes

A pedestal sump pump stands above the sump pit resulting in more noise than a submersible sump pump with a cover.  A submersible is a quieter option when calling for installation.

Listen to your sump pump and become familiar with its normal sound as it operates. This enables you to pick up on an unusual sump pump noise. If you notice unusual noise, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule plumbing service by a plumber in Arlington. Our licensed plumbers serve Arlington, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas. Ben Franklin is a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.