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Sump Pump | Plumber Fort Worth

Sump Pump | Plumber Fort Worth

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A home or business with flooding issues can benefit from the installation of a sump pump. The alternative of allowing flooding to continue and water to stand is potential damage to the foundation and mold. Sump pump installation will stop the flooding, and help to keep your basement and home mold and mildew free. Contact a plumber in Fort Worth to get started today.

Preventing Flooding

There are a wide variety of problems that can result in flooding. Some of these causes do not call for a plumber or a sump pump. However, you can consider the device as extra insurance against water damage.

The Causes That Will Require a Plumber

While heavy rain is a common cause of flooding, a broken water line is one cause where a sump pump will prevent excessive flooding. Broken water lines are typically related to poor installation or aging pipes. If you live in an area prone to earthquakes it pays to monitor the visible pipes when possible. Flood alarms are a great investment, and vary from low cost alarms to those that can alert you via your smart phone or computer.

For those in earthquake prone areas or who have aging plumbing, an annual plumbing checkup can especially offer numerous benefits. Obvious leaks can be caught before a major leak occurs, and the condition of pipes can be closely monitored to prevent some leaks. In addition, the plumber in Fort Worth can provide sump pump maintenance, clean drains, inspect the sewer and drain pipes for clogs, repair leaky faucets and offers many other services for your routine annual visit.

Ground water may be the source of flooding for your home. Ground water seepage occurs when underground water sources reach near the earth’s surface. This can cause flooding to your basement, foundation or crawlspace.  A sump pump is a definite necessity in this situation. However, you should realize an experienced plumber in Fort Worth is required for this type of installation. The average homeowner will not be able to calculate the size area that is affected or the amount of water present. Your plumber is the best source of a reliable solution and a properly sized sump pump for your home or business.

Drainage from Hillsides

Hillsides can result in a lot of water draining towards your home. French drains or culverts may be required to protect your home, effectively collecting the water and channeling safely away from your home. The unique features of your home and lawn in relation to the drainage will determine the appropriate solution.

Excessive Rain

Periods of excessive rain can result in swollen water bodies and overland flooding. Sewer systems are designed to carry specific amounts of water and if overwhelmed, homes and businesses can be endangered. A sump pump can assist in reducing flooding to your home.

Power Outage

A power outage when the sump pump is active can result in basement flooding. For this reason, many homeowners choose to include a battery backup sump pump with installation. It offers the additional benefit of providing assistance to the main sump pump when flooding is unusually heavy.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Testing the sump pump to ensure its operation should be provided every two to three months. Testing involves pouring a bucket of water into the pit. If operating properly, this should trigger to pump to run, and pump the water away. Sump pump maintenance should be provided annually. Maintenance includes cleaning the pit of any debris, which can clog the pump, its discharge line and the inlet screen. A clogged inlet screen can quickly burn the pump up, so it is important not to overlook its cleaning. The discharge pipe can also clog, so watch to ensure water is pumped away. In addition, its best to have someone watch the end of the discharge line if possible, for discharge. Not everyone is comfortable with sump pump maintenance. Contacting a plumber in Fort Worth for scheduled maintenance will help to ensure your sump pump operates when you need it.

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