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Sump Pump | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

Sump Pump | Plumbers Arlington, Texas

If you have a problem with a wet basement, it’s likely to be due to one of the following common causes of a wet basement. A sump pump may be the solution you need. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington, Texas to schedule sump pump installation.


Damp basements can lead to condensation, and may result in structural damage, pest infestations, and mold. Potential causes include uninsulated cold water pipes, and water in the basement from rain runoff, leaky pipes, a high water table, and poor drainage at the foundation. Condensation is often a symptom of other issues, and treatment depends on the cause.

Blocked or Faulty Gutters and Foundation Slope

Gutters collect the rain runoff from the roof, and divert it to the downspouts, draining it away from the home and its foundation. The slope of the soil in contact with the home’s foundation should be higher at the point of contact, and slope away from the home. Downspout extensions can deliver the water safely away from the foundation.

Inspect the slope of the soil where it contacts your foundation, and maintain clean gutters and downspouts. Inspect for damage to the gutter system and repair or replace as needed. When water is entering the homes foundation and basement from faulty gutters, repair can ensure a dry basement.

Cracks in the Foundation

Cracks in the foundation can allow rain to enter the basement. Seal cracks with expanding foam or contact a foundation specialist for a diagnosis of the cause and repair. Remember a cracked foundation can be a symptom of other problems, and can weaken your home and its structure. It’s best to have a foundation specialist to check it out ensuring a proper repair.

Leaking Pipes

When the homes water lines are leaking in the basement, plumbing repair will stop moisture problems related to plumbing leaks. Routine inspections of plumbing will ensure a leak-free system, and a dry basement. Contact our plumbers in Arlington, Texas to schedule plumbing repair.

The Water Table

Locations where the water table is near the ground surface pose a special problem for structures built on top of it, especially if the structure has a basement.

Water can’t be compressed instead it disperses out. The force of a structure, such as a home above a water table near the surface, forces water to flow up and through cracks in the foundation. This can cause significant issues in a building’s structural integrity. While sealants can assist in preventing water issues, a sump pump is essential in removing water from a foundation or basement, and keeping it out. Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide the sump pump installation you need.

The Sump Pump

sump pump is designed to keep the basement dry, pumping the water through a drain away from the home. The only thing better than a sump pump, is one with a back-up system, a battery backup sump pump. A backup will take over if the primary pump fails for any reason. It also offers the additional advantage of assisting the primary pump if it’s overwhelmed during unusually heavy rain or flooding. However, in order to ensure the proper size and installation, you need the expertise of licensed plumbers in Arlington, Texas.

Selecting a Sump Pump

Once the decision to install a sump pump is made, one of the first steps is to decide the type you need. Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas can assist you in the selection. The two most common types of sump pump installed are the pedestal, and the submersible sump pump.

Pedestal sump pumps sit above the sump pit, and offer the advantage of being easier to service. They are typically used in unfinished basements.

A submersible sump pump is completely submersed in the sump pit, and can be sealed with a cover. It’s quieter, out of sight, and is the preferred choice for finished basements.

Sump Pump Repair

To ensure the primary sump pump’s function when it’s needed, recommended maintenance is every three months, and consists of the following:

Clean the pump inlet screen every 3 months to prevent damage to the motor.

Routinely check to ensure the primary pump is plugged in. Accidental unplugging can result in a flooded basement.

Every three months, ensure the sump pumps operation by pouring a bucket of water into the pit, enough to raise the float and trigger the pump to run.

Provide an annual cleaning and inspection of the pump and basin. Cleaning the pit will eliminate debris that can clog or damage the pump. Refer to the owner’s manual for any instructions on other necessary maintenance tasks. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Arlington, Texas for sump pump repair.

Benjamin Franklin’s plumbers in Arlington, Texas can provide the professional sump pump installation and other plumbing services you need. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.