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Sump Pump | Plumbers Fort Worth

Sump Pump | Plumbers Fort Worth

A sump pump is essential for the home, with flooding issues. Flooding can cause serious damage to your home’s structure and its foundation, along with the risk of health problems due to mold and mildew. If your home has experienced a flooded basement in the past, or is vulnerable to a flood, a sump pump installation can help to protect it and your health. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule sump pump service with our plumbers in Fort Worth.

The Causes of Flooding

The potential causes of flooding are numerous, and not all require a sump pump. However, the device can be considered insurance against unexpected causes such as a broken water line. The following are the most common causes of flooding.

The Causes You can Prevent

  1. A common cause of basement flooding that’s preventable, is clogged or damaged gutters and downspouts. Leaves, insects, bird nests and other debris are common culprits, and left untreated can result in overflowing gutters. In addition, clogged gutters can allow water to enter under your roof, causing flooding and damage. Bent or broken gutters should be replaced, and inspecting the gutters spring and fall is recommended.
  2. An additional issue with gutters that can cause flooding is the downspout termination. If the water isn’t draining away from the home, install downspout extensions to carry the water safely away from the home. Otherwise, consider terminating the downspouts into the storm drainage if possible.
  3. You may have never noticed, but the soil against your home’s foundation should be sloped in order to prevent water from entering the basement. You may need to restore the slope periodically if it experiences wear from rain. In addition, if the foundation is cracked, contact a foundation specialist for repair.

The Causes that Require Plumbers in Fort Worth

  1. Leaky pipes are actually a bit in both categories. You can inspect the piping periodically for leaks. Feel of the piping to check for wetness as a seep may run along the pipes length into an area you are unable to view. You can also install flood alarms to alert you.
  2. In addition, many homeowner’s choose the security of scheduling plumbing maintenance routinely with our licensed plumbers in Fort Worth. 
  3. During maintenance, a plumber can inspect and check your water heater, cleans your drains and inspect the sewer pipe with a video pipe inspection, test for water leaks, and provide any repair or other maintenance you need.
  4. Professional maintenance is also similar to extra insurance. You are less likely to have a clog or sewer backup when periodic drain and sewer inspection and cleaning is provided. In addition, if you have a sump pump, our plumbers in Fort Worth can provide maintenance on it during the visit.
  5. Some areas are prone to the seepage of ground water into the basement, especially when the water is close to the surface. A sump pump can maintain a dry basement in this situation. If your flooded basement is due to water near the surface,  only use qualified, licensed plumbers in Fort Worth. The basement size and amount of water are factors to consider in the pump size and capabilities. In addition, it’s best to have a battery backup sump pump when consistent seepage is an issue.
  6. Hillside drainage sloping towards your home may require drainage culverts or a French drain, for example. The solution will be unique to your property and its needs.
  7. A water line break or a leaking water heater aren’t everyday occurrences, but are fairly common.  Unfortunately, most homeowners are typically caught by surprise when it happens. A working sump pump will ensure if either occurs in your basement, that damage will be prevented to your home. Contact Ben Franklin’s plumbers in Fort Worth for water line repair or water heater repair.
  8. Overland flooding can occur during periods of heavy rain, and if your home is in close proximity to a waterway, it may be at risk.

Whether flooding is due to the terrain surrounding your home, the proximity of a waterway, or an inadequate storm system during unusually heavy rain or flooding, a sump pump will assist to prevent a flooded basement.

Unfortunately, these disasters can also lead to a power failure. That is why a battery backup sump pump is recommended. If the power fails on the primary pump, the backup will take over. Furthermore, during heavy flooding, the backup sump pump will lend assistance if the primary is overwhelmed by unusually heavy flooding. However, the sump pump is only as reliable as the sump pump maintenance it’s provided.

Sump Pump Maintenance

Sump pump maintenance is fairly simple, and should be provided at least once per year. However, testing the sump pump to ensure it’s operation should be provided at least every 2-3 months by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit. The pump should turn on and pump the water away quickly. If it doesn’t, contact our plumbers in Fort Worth for sump pump repair.

The best source for the proper maintenance of your sump pump is your plumber or the owner’s manual. Generally, the basics of include:

Clean the pit of debris, which may clog the pump and its discharge line. Debris can also clog the inlet screen, so check and clean it also. When the inlet screen is clogged it can quickly burn the pump motor up, leaving you without it when a flood occurs.

Check the discharge line to ensure it isn’t clogged with debris. While testing the pump by pouring water into the pit, either check the terminus of the discharge line, or have someone to watch. If you aren’t comfortable with sump pump maintenance and testing, give our experienced, licensed plumbers a call. Our plumbers in Fort Worth will be glad to provide the plumbing service you need. 

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing dedicated plumbers in Fort Worth offers professional sump pump maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.