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Sump Pump | Plumbers in Fort Worth

Sump Pump | Plumbers in Fort Worth

Our licensed, professional plumbers in Fort Worth provide prompt and reliable plumbing services, including the repair and installation of primary and battery backup sump pumps. If you live in an area prone to flooding,  or in a location with a high water table, then you’re probably at risk for flooding. A flooded basement can cause serious damage to your home and its foundation. The installation of a sump pump removes the threat, keeping your home and basement safe and dry.

Our expertise is unmatched when it comes to sump pump repair, replacement and installation.  When you are need of sump pump repair, it’s essential to use plumbers you can trust  to provide the repair or replacement that you need promptly, and reliably. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides fully licensed, insured and bonded plumbers in Fort Worth with the expertise to meet and/or exceed the industry standards.

Sump Pumps:

A sump pump prevents flooding by pumping the water that collects in the sump pit away. It’s not only important to have a sump pump, its essential to have a properly sized pump based on the basement size, the source and potential amount of water. Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Fort Worth have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide professional sump pump installation in your home. Furthermore, our plumbers service and repair all major brands.

Battery Backup Sump Pumps

When a power outage occurs, the primary sump pump won’t operate. The solution is to provide a battery backup sump pump to take over when a power failure occurs. In addition, the backup can provide assistance to the primary during heavier than normal flooding. A battery powered backup works on the same principle as the primary. When the water level in the sump pit rises, it triggers the float valve to rise, causing the sump pump to start and pump the water out.


Sump pump maintenance ensures the pump is operable when needed, and extends its lifespan. Maintenance is recommended every three months with an annual minimum, and  includes:

  • Cleaning the pump inlet screen is crucial. A clogged screen can lead to failure. The conditions your pump is exposed to will determine the required frequency. However, ideally the sump pump should be cleaned and tested every three months.
  • Ensure the primary pump is plugged in, especially prior to conditions that may result in flooding.
  • Test the sump pump by pouring a bucket or two of water into the pit, enough to raise the float and trigger it to cut on and pump water away.

Remember, routine maintenance is essential in preventing the damage that can  lead to sump pump replacement. Contact Benjamin Franklin  plumbers in Fort Worth for professionally rendered sump pump services.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers in Fort Worth can provide the sump pump maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation that you need. Our licensed plumbers offer a wide range of  plumbing services, all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We serve Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.