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Sump Pump Repair | Plumber Arlington

Sump Pump Repair | Plumber Arlington

A sump pump is an electric pump that utilizes a pit in the basement. When the water level reaches a specific depth in the pit, the float valve rises and the pump removes the water so it doesn’t flood the basement. Sump pumps are an excellent solution for preventing water damage to your home and its foundation, and also to protect furnishings in the basement. A failed sump pump can spell disaster. Contact a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington today to schedule sump pump repair or installation.

When your basement requires a sump pump due to flooding or ground water, it’s essential to test it periodically and provide prompt repair when necessary.

Routine testing of the sump pump will ensure it is going to work when you need it, and provides you with the opportunity in advance of storms, to contact a plumber in Arlington for sump pump repair when necessary.

Sump Pump Repair Services

Sump pumps are a reliable appliance when properly maintained. Testing each month should be provided by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit ensuring the pump operates properly. In addition, during the rainy season it’s recommended to check on the pump more frequently, ensuring soil and debris hasn’t clogged it. Cleaning the pump inlet screen and pit at least once a year is recommended. If leaves and debris tend to collect in the pit clean, as often as required. Debris can clog the pump, causing it to overheat and fail, resulting in the need for replacement by a plumber in Arlington.

Testing, Battery and Water-Powered Backups

Adding a backup for the sump pump ensures water is pumped out of the basement. Battery backup sump pump turn on when the power goes out, preventing the primary pump from operating. A back up sump pump will pump water out as long as the battery holds power. A back up pump is an excellent second line of defense when primary sump pump fails. Furthermore, it adds extra protection when flooding water overwhelms the primary pump, turning on to provide assistance for maintaining a dry basement. A Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington can provide the sump pump installation or repair you need.

Sump Pump Odors

If the sump pump in your basement is causing bad odors, a Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington can determine the source of the odor and provide a solution.

Sump pump odors can be the sign of a malfunction, and should be checked out to ensure the pump won’t fail just when you need it most.  The following are potential causes of sump pump odors:

Dry Sump Pit Trap

If your sump pit contains a sewer drain, water inside the trap keeps sewer gas from entering the basement. Any drain that goes unused for some time can experience evaporation of the water in the trap, allowing sewer odors to enter your home. The solution, pour a 5 gallon bucket of water in the pit, you will accomplish to things, ensuring the pump will work when you need it, and refilling the trap.

Sewer Pipe Leak

The sump basin collects groundwater rising up from beneath the foundation, pumping the water out of the house. When a broken sewer pipe occurs, sewage may seep into the ground water and infiltrate the sump basin. This can cause sewer odor in the basement. A plumber in Arlington can inspect the sewer line, pinpoint the location of the leak, and provide repair.

Sump Pump Float

The sump pump should work automatically without any work on your part. When the water level reaches a specific depth, the float rises activating the pump to start, and turning off when the sump pit is emptied. A defective float valve may result in a sump pump that won’t start, won’t shut off, or may shut off too early. A pump that won’t start, or shuts off too early can result in water with algae and other microorganisms and can lead to odor. When float issues occur contact a Ben Franklin plumber in Arlington for sump pump repair.

A Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber in Arlington has the expertise to provide a quality installation, sump pump repair, and sump pump services in Arlington. We serve Arlington, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating.